David Feder, Executive Editor-Technical for Prepared Foods, interviews Heather Terry, entrepreneur and CEO of GoodSam Foods, Pbc presentation on trends in sugar reduction and new sweeteners.

With sugar reduction by far one of the biggest trends in the food and beverage industry, at once running parallel and at odds with the trend of indulgence and comfort. Yet until recently, the promises were as empty as the calories when it came to flavor and overall eating experience. It took a while, but ingredient technology and craftsmanship finally came together to change the paradigm and make healthful indulgence more than just marketing ploy. Proof is in the products made by companies like GoodSam Foods, a B-Corp maker of vegan, direct-trade, keto-friendly products ranging from nuts and coffee to cake and brownie mixes...and, specially, sugar-free chocolate bars and confections.

Terry shares with us a look into her journey bringing together “good tasting” and “good for you.”

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