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National Mushroom Month is an annual celebration established by the US Department of Agriculture to highlight the benefits of the mushroom. September is also considered the major fungal month in Norway. Chanterelle mushrooms are often called "Forest Gold", and now can be enjoyed all year round with Snofrisk® Wild Mushroom, a fresh creamy spreadable cheese made with Chanterelle mushrooms and a blend of Norwegian (80%) goat's milk and (20%) cow's cream for a mild, smooth and earthy taste. All ingredients are sourced exclusively from Norway.

Snøfrisk® Wild Mushroom was introduced to meet the consumers' needs and demand for mushrooms and cheese. Snofrisk® is all-natural and has zero additives. Also, available in alternative flavors: Original, Red Onion & Thyme, Dill, and Horseradish. It makes breakfast, lunch, and snacking easy and healthier: Spread on crackers, bagels, sandwiches, and wraps. Prefect as a steak sauce, a topper on salads and pizza/flatbreads or use as a dip for vegetables and much more.