Here we are in this week that no one does anything except eat, sleep and nap and snack. But me, no! I will not rest! I sift through this website every waking hour to uncover those bits of information that you need and cannot find the time to research on your own. I am here for you! You wonderful product developers and food scientists. You are my collective muse. I cannot live a day without thinking of you and your stumped pursuits. I will remove that stump and sling it onto a heap of solved problems that I should not but will take credit for.

I am Malcolm Lowe! And I will save you!

Now, as we dip our toes into 2013, you must know that I cannot move one iota further without mentioning my love of dairy. Cheese! Can you name a more magical food product? No! You cannot! Do not try! I shouldn't have tempted you. Forget I asked. Dairy! Dairy! Dairy! I love dairy!
And so do you.

So, before I leave this keyboard to pick up a pen and begrudgingly script a seasons greetings card to my childhood friend and current neighbor Sherwood Day, I must let you in on expert advice regarding the development and formulation of dairy products.

These are simply not to be missed.

By the way, Sherwood Day lives two houses down from me. Must I write him a card? Must I send it through the mail? I feel my mother's stare. "Yes, boy. You do have to do that." Fine mother. Fine! Now get out of my room!


Your weekly reduction:
Videos concerning the development and formulation of dairy products.

Cost Reduction in Processed Cheese Products and Dressings with Potato Starch Solutions
Presenters: Finn Larsen and Helma Slierendrecht

Company: KMC

Inclusions and Particulates: Value Added Delivery System
Presenter: Kristy Ruhland - Food Scientist

Company: QualiTech

Making Dairy Products Healthier to Provide Greater Consumer Appeal in the Marketplace
Presenter: Jessica A. Lamana

Company: BASF Nutrition Ingredients

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