The unavoidable truth, friends, is that the world loves to talk about food. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone, in this case, is right. If someone does not like lychee, say, then they are correct despite someone else absolutely loving the little round fruit.

This brings me to calorie reduction. The inevitability of consumers always being right about what they like is an enormous hurdle for product developers, especially when said developers are working within the realm of calorie reduction. You are charged with tinkering with the makeup of a product that people like in order to deliver it with fewer calories. You are, no doubt, changing a beloved product. How in the goodness of all of the world do you pull this trick off? I do not expect a response. I say this in admiration.

Oh, but wouldn't it be swell if you would write to me and offer just one example of an obstacle in an ingredient matrix, and then go on to tell the story of how you circumvented that obstacle? I live in a dream; I know it will never happen. For now, you remain my idols. And I, your humble servant.


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