As vitamin C's antioxidant and general wellness properties are further recognized, it is estimated that consumers will spend over $1 billion on vitamin C by 2004. The vitamin is important in the formation and maintenance of collagen; may help slow the formation of cataracts and lower the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration; helps to maintain vascular integrity, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and heart health; and is a powerful antioxidant capable of neutralizing free radicals.

To meet this increasing demand, Inter-Cal Nutraceuticals, Prescott, Ariz., has introduced four new forms of its patented Ester-C ® brand of mineral ascorbates: Multivitamin MV (competitively priced to add brand value to formulas), Effervescent EV (for beverages, a blend of calcium and sodium ascorbate), Beverage BG (granules that instantly dissolve, for use in flavored formulas) and Chewable CB (chewable, non-acidic). Each ingredient has specifically-defined physical characteristics, but still provides the benefits of Ester-C Ascorbate.

The ingredient is a non-acidic, standardized, natural form of vitamin C that allows cells to effectively absorb high levels, yet doesn't upset the stomach or erode tooth enamel when taken orally. Additionally, the water-soluble product is free of allergens and GMOs. It can be formulated into supplements, functional foods and beverages.

To provide further product and brand information, as well as industry news, the company has introduced two new websites. The sites, and, also link to companies that use Ester-C as an ingredient in their products.

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