Customers seeking quality blending services can depend on Blendex Custom Blending for consistent quality, unvarying flavor and dependable performance, batch after batch. All products are packaged to customer specifications with their own private label and products are shipped when and where needed. Blendex Custom Blending, Ron Carr, 800-BLENDEX,,

The distinctive flavor of roux always is apparent in a recipe. Flavor Roux® is real roux cooked to perfection. Flavor Roux® always is consistent in flavor, color, and texture. The company uses a variety of fats and oils, and offers butter roux, pork roux, chicken roux, cottonseed oil roux, and soybean oil roux. Each roux has a unique color, from blond to dark. CF Chefs Inc., Donna Seeds, 214-905-1518, ext. 309,,

This company's knowledge of grill flavor development led to the creation of several specialty off-the-grill flavors. These unique, dry powders impart the flavors associated with specific grilling methods to many applications. Right-off-the-charcoal-grill taste can be obtained by the addition of Red Arrow's Grillin' 2055™. For those seeking the distinctive taste of gas grilling, Grillin' 2056™ is an ideal choice. Rich flame-broiled taste is obtained from Grillin' 2057™. Red Arrow Sales Team, 920- 683-5500, ext. 162,,

Formulators interested in using liquor in their culinary formulations without the hassle of sourcing, warehousing and handling alcohol have a solution. WILD has developed a line of user-friendly liquor/alcohol flavors along with unique applications including: bourbon whiskey, tequila lime, burgundy wine, and beer flavors. Please call for formulations and samples. WILD Flavors Inc., John Bauman, 859-342-3589,

A blend of fermented soy sauce powder and yeast extract is offered by Nikken Foods in a new product, Natural HVP replacer #7201. The product is an extremely potent replacer for HVPs in beef and chicken applications. It is used at 40% of the level normally used for HVP. That is, if a blend now uses 10lbs. of HVP, the HVP can be replaced with four pounds of #7201. This is cost competitive with HVP and offers an improved label. Nikken Foods Co., Herb Bench, 636-532-1019,

A pungent pepper powder prepared from aged red peppers, TABASCO® brand Dry Red Flavoring is fermented with salt, mixed with vinegar, screened to separate the skin and seed material, dried and milled. The resulting product has the unique flavor profile of TABASCO Pepper Sauce in a dry powder form, yet has roughly ten times the heat level of the pepper sauce. Usage levels of 0.25% to 1.0% in finished products (or 5% to 10% in seasoning bases) deliver the flavor and heat profile to excite your new product concept. Applications include rubs, breading systems, sauce seasoning blends and snack seasonings. Tabasco Industrial Ingredients,

This product line combines flavor chemistry with the culinary arts, resulting in “culinary identical” flavors with “stove-top” or “oven-roasted” flavors. T. Hasegawa's ChefArome® flavors include browned, sautéed or caramelized notes, adding depth. The flavors are indicative of the strides being made in flavor development through the combined efforts of T. Hasegawa's flavor technologists and their Chicago Culinary Center. T Hasegawa, Jeff Carlson, 714-522-1900,,

The meaty notes in soups, sauces and gravies can be enhanced using Proliant™ B3305 Premium Beef Flavor, with a unique, robust flavor. Proliant B3305 is a BSE-free, non-allergenic, free flowing powder with favorable labeling. Other applications include marinades, entrée dishes, prepared foods and snack foods. Proliant, 800-369-2672,

A line of flavors, International Pastry Concepts, offers the following choices: Baklava, Biscotti, Danish, Éclair, Elephant Ear Pastry, Macaroon, Raspberry Danish and Tiramisu. When these items, produced by Robertet Flavors Inc., are formulated into applications such as yogurts, beverages, or snack bars, adventurous consumers will be intrigued by the use of such gourmet pastry flavor concepts in non-traditional product categories. Robertet Flavors, Gretchen Schleck, 732-981-8300

When your mouth waters because of the aroma of a roasting turkey, or when you crave the sharp and spicy flavors of a cheddar cheese nacho, think of McClancy Seasoning. Specializing in food taste enhancements for 55 years, McClancy develops flavor profiles specifically for savory food products such as meat seasonings and marinades, gravies, snack foods, dressing blends, bases, soup blends and sauces. McClancy Seasoning, Sherry King, 800-843-1968,

This product can be used in a myriad of applications, such as gravies, meats, marinades, sauces, soups, bakery products and confectionery. Grande Gusto®, for use in savory food applications, is a unique dairy-based, all-natural savory flavor enhancer available in both liquid and powder form. It has been used successfully to enhance specific flavors, blend spice notes and accentuate meaty and savory flavors. Grande Custom Ingredients Group, 800-772-3210,

A line of gourmet wood smoke flavors are an upscale alternative to hickory and mesquite flavors. They are ultra-clean, all natural, and derived from the named wood. Available from Chr. Hansen in applewood, cherrywood, sugar maplewood, oakwood-type and pecanwood versions, the flavors are appropriate for sauces, gravies, soups, prepared entrees, side dishes, meat, poultry and seafood applications. Chr. Hansen, Karen Wood, 800-558-0802,

Looking to give your microwave chicken entrée a fresh oven-roasted flavor? Want a veggie burger that tastes like a grilled all-beef patty? DM Choice® savory flavors achieve the precise nuance you desire. From beef to seafood, poultry to pork, David Michael offers a wide variety of flavors that will provide a fresh approach to processed, frozen and microwaved foods. David Michael & Co., 215-632-3100,,

Three new vegetarian meat-type flavors for use in soup, bouillon, or any other meat-free dish have been developed by Comax Flavors. The first is an artificial chicken flavor, available in liquid, water- or oil-soluble formats, and as a powder. The second, a retort-stable natural chicken-type flavor, offers a clean label and is non-GMO. It is available in a water-soluble or spray-dried form. Last in the vegetarian series is an artificial ham flavor. It is available as a liquid, water- or oil-soluble, and a powder. All three flavors are kosher and pareve, and technical support is available. Comax Flavors, Agneta Weisz, 800-992-0629

Here is an economical and convenient way to achieve a beefy bouillon taste. Gb Select® YB is a yeast extract blend based on proprietary DSM fermentation technologies. Since it contains no meat, it is ideal for vegetarian applications or anywhere a robust, beefy bouillon taste is desired. With no added MSG or HVP, this free-flowing agglomerated powder can help processors achieve a clean label along with an exceptional flavor profile. Additionally, it can work with other DSM savory building blocks to help develop a savory base foundation, add specific taste support, or enhance overall flavor profiles. DSM Food Specialties USA Inc., Savory Ingredients, 800-662-4478

Inspired by classical sauce-making techniques, Ariake produces natural flavor extracts from USDA inspected beef, chicken, pork and turkey using a proprietary process—a commercial-scale “stock pot.” These extracts then are further filtered, concentrated or dried into the right form and taste for perfectly balanced use in sauces, soups, prepared foods, flavorings and seasoning blends, pasta fillings and rice dishes. Vegetable, cheese and seafood flavors also are available. Ariake USA Inc., John Dwyer, 888-201-5885,,

When developing vegetarian dishes, formulators may utilize new additions to the Vegetarian Savory Plus™ Flavors line. Ottens Flavors' Beef and Chicken Vegetarian Flavors are kosher pareve and can be formulated to be non-GMO. The company offers Beef and Chicken types in a variety of flavors including baked, broth, fried, grilled, and roasted. These flavors can be used at 1% compared to the industry norm of 3 to 5 %. Applications include broths, frozen entrees, gravies, meat analogs, sauces and snacks. Ottens Flavors, 215-365-7800,

Expanding the flavor range of soy-based products is possible with these new cream combo flavors. Try Virginia Dare's Natural Vanilla Cream Flavor, All Natural Strawberry Cream Flavor and the new Natural Flavors for Masking. These flavors were developed especially for soy-based energy bars. Developing creative concepts, minimizing off notes, selecting specific flavors and identifying proper usage levels are challenges with which the company can help. Virginia Dare, 800-847-4500,

Offering a slow-roasted profile and more development advantages than traditional roast flavor, Kraft Food Ingredients Corp. (KFIC) has expanded the ClassicRoast™ component of its Flavors of Cooking™ line with CharRoast™. CharRoast has a slightly sweet roast flavor profile with a slight char character. That flavor dimension, coupled with low color and a cleaner ingredient line, provides more development flexibility and application versatility. Kraft Food Ingredients Corporation, Mike Veal, 901-381-6543,