Two new crisping agents, CRISP COAT® T24 and CRISP COAT 868 now complement National Starch's CRISP COAT UC. A tapioca-based crisping agent, T24 imparts a range of textural properties such as crispness and heat hold stability to battered and fried foods. Researchers developed CRISP COAT T24 for applications in which customers prefer to avoid corn-based products. CRISP COAT 868 allows a tender coating on fried foods. National Starch, 800-797-4992

Staley's line of pre-gelatinized starches is great for viscosity and solids control, while Instant Tender-Jel® 434 starch also provides excellent freeze/thaw stability. Batter-Up® F, an unmodified dent starch, provides excellent adhesion. Tapioca Dextrin 11 provides film formation and reduced fat pick-up, which provides lasting crispness. Sta-O-Paque® 667, a modified waxy starch, reduces blow-off during frying. A.E. Staley Manufacturing Co., 217-423-4411,

Custom designed and manufactured stabilizer and texture systems for the food processing and food service industries have been available from Advanced Food Systems Inc. since 1982. These systems provide effective functionality in the stabilization of texture, as well as improvement of cooked yield, flavor, and appearance in a wide range of products such as processed meat and poultry, frozen entrees and side dishes, dairy systems, snack foods and beverages. Advanced Food Systems, 732-873-6776,

Expertise on coating systems that deliver the perfect fry each time is available for fried foods such as poultry, seafood, meat and vegetables. Use McCormick's Color Chart for Fried Foods to determine the perfect fry color desired for your finished product. Contact your account manager to obtain a copy of the Fry Chart or visit the coatings section McCormick Flavor.

This company's Inclusion Breader Portfolio consists of customized breading systems that feature distinctively textured and visually appealing coatings, such as: Fabulous Focaccia, Fiesta Spiced Rice, Jalapeno Hat Dance, Mushroom Madness, and Spicy Kung Pao. These systems offer processors and food service operators a new dimension in flavor and crispness that is completely compatible with existing coating lines. Newly Weds Foods Inc., 800-621-7521,

For product consistency, it is important to use the services of a dry ingredients blending company with a reputation for high-quality manufacturing. Blendex Custom Blending can blend and package recipes with or without private labeling. Applications include breadings, batters, coatings and starches. Blendex Custom Blending, at 1-800-BLENDEX,

Modified food starches, designed to improve coatings and marinades in bakery, snack, cereal and meat applications are available in the form of PURE-COTE® and INSTANT PURE-COTE®. PURE-COTE starches provide clear coatings with excellent sheen and adhesion of the glaze or particulate to the product desired. Furthermore, the starches help improve the adherence, crispness, and freezer stability of batters and breadings. Grain Processing Corporation, Bob Bahn, 800-448-4472 (international: 563-264-4265),,

Instant starches provide the food manufacturer with the properties of cook up starches without the need to cook, saving time and reducing energy costs. Cargill's line of cold water hydrating starches, HiForm, has been specifically modified to provide viscosity and improve texture, mouthfeel and shelf life. Ideal applications include fruit filling, pastry fillings and instant mixes. Cargill Food and Pharma Specialties, 877-650-7080

A vast product portfolio comprised of unique breadcrumb variations, stuffing crumbs, croutons, cereal systems, batters and pre-dust systems is available for the development of innovative bakery products. Depending on your business need, Griffith Lab's ingredients and solution "process for success" are customized to differentiate any meat, poultry, vegetable or entrée application. Griffith Labs, Christine Carr, 708-239-2412,