Grilled food often develops crisp, charred surfaces with a distinctive seared, ashy flavor. This is the key characteristic that makes grilled products so desired by consumers. However, obtaining that note in prepared foods is a challenge.

Cooking processes, such as grilling, greatly contribute to a food’s quality.
A new flavor, Grill Scraping Flavor 1051 from Red Arrow Products Company LLC, Manitowoc, Wisc., lends prepared meals the same outdoor grill taste that is developed when cooking over an open fire.

“The flavor profile is more of a seared, charred protein note, compared to traditional smoke products, with an ashy, stuck-to-the-grate taste,” says Ron Foster, product and process development. “We manufacture a product to mimic the taste created by charring items on the grill. In this new ingredient, we have a pyramid of flavors. There is a refined flavor element with a light backyard charcoal note and an ashy, seared barbecue note. When the ashy flavor dominates the profile, a charred taste is created.”

Charred notes usually come from a protein reaction when meat is grilled, but there is no protein in the flavor. It is certified kosher and contains no meat, which opens up opportunities for vegetarian foods and other growing specialty markets.

Grill Scraping Flavor 1051 is designed to go on foods that are reheated for a short time, or microwaved. “People want to cook in a hurry, but they want a rich flavor,” says Foster. “People don't realize that a rich, full taste develops during a long cooking process. Our product creates a lot of flavor, even when the food is cooked for a short time.”

The flavor, a spray-dried powder, can be incorporated into dry seasoning blends and rubs. It disperses well in marinades used on proteins that will be tumbled. If the marinade is going to be held for a long time or will be injected into the protein, a water-soluble (RA01-061) or emulsified version (RA01-075) of this flavor should be used. This flavor does not impart color to food.

In ground protein systems, such as sausages, seasoned beef patties and vegetarian patties, the flavor can be added directly to the mixture by dry blending it with the seasonings or salt. Dry blending is used to disperse this flavor evenly, because it is used at low levels.

The robust flavors of Grill Scraping Flavor 1051 blend well with herbs and spices in flavor systems. Their earthy, fire-cooked taste complements a variety of ethnic flavor systems like Cajun, fajita or Jamaican jerk. Hot, spicy capsaicin notes marry with the ashy taste of this flavor. Red Arrow found that it balanced the acid and earthy flavors of a tequila marinade. It harmonized the other tastes in a cilantro jalapeño salsa while adding a unique ashy grill finish to the salsa. “The flavor can be very aromatic, especially in a topical rub,” says Melissa Ventura, corporate chef/culinary development specialist. “It has the potential for a lot of intense flavor impact in a system because of its hearty notes and rich taste.” In delicate flavor systems such as a lemon pepper seasoning, very low usage levels are recommended.

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