A new cheese powder has more flavor and less fat at percentages lower than traditional cheese powders.
Cheddar cheese is one of the most popular flavors in the U.S. It can add the perfect touch to dry mixes, seasoning blends, sauces, soups, dips and dressings.

Supernatural Cheddar, a new high flavor cheese powder made by DairiConcepts L.P., Springfield, Mo., is manufactured from natural cheddar cheese, utilizing the latest technology to develop specific flavor profiles. The flavor components are dried with whey and maltodextrin to create a free-flowing, cream-colored powder with the flavor and aroma of medium aged cheddar cheese. The technology produces an ingredient with a flavor level that is about three times that of a standard medium aged cheddar cheese. The powder is used at levels from 5-25% for good flavor impact, depending upon the application.

“It delivers more flavor for lower use levels, so it's more economical,” says Tim Zart, product manager, dehydrated business. “With more flavor and a lower use level, you end up with less fat in your formulation,” he adds.

A Variety of Applications

One of the most popular applications for cheese powders is in dry cheese sauce blends, where it is typically blended with whey, maltodextrin, starch, color and salt. A conventional cheese powder would be used at a 40-60% level in such a dry mix. However, the high flavor cheese powder used at 15% gives a good flavor. While conventional cheese powder may contain 35-40% fat, the high flavor ingredient contains only 16-20% fat, a substantially reduced fat contribution in the final formulation.

Cheese soups are served in many restaurants and offered in products for home use. A sample formulation for Cheddar and broccoli soup mix features the high flavor cheese powder at 25% and contains dehydrated broccoli, or freshly cooked broccoli may be added. The dry mix is reconstituted with water, milk and butter and is ready to enjoy in minutes.

When the powder is used in a cheese sauce or a mix for cheese soups, the free flowing powder reconstitutes readily in liquid systems such as milk, water or broth. The cheese resolubilizes and becomes rich and smooth. Texture and viscosity depend upon the levels of liquid and the starch used in the dry mix. The reconstituted cheese powder will stand high heat temperatures needed in sauce and soup applications without separation or flavor change.

Topical seasonings are another big category for cheddar cheese. DairiConcepts has done trials of its Supernatural Cheddar powder at 15% in topical seasoning blends. The cheese powder is blended with other flavors and salt to create such seasonings as cheddar and jalapeno or cheddar and sour cream. For a snack application, seasoning is sprayed or tumbled onto a puff or chip.

Other cheese flavors are offered in the Supernatural line as well. These are Romano and Parmesan cheese powders with the same high flavor impact as the cheddar. DairiConcepts is a dairy and cheese ingredient company that is a joint venture between Fonterra (formerly New Zealand Dairy Board) and Dairy Farmers of America (DFA).

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