A large selection of freeze-dried fruit and citrus flavoring ingredients is offered by Crystals International Inc., which also supplies vegetable powders. The company's continuous-vacuum, low-heat process retains the nutrients, color, and taste of the juice concentrates, and provides value-added natural vitamins and minerals. The products can be used as sugar replacers and natural flavors. Organic, custom premix, and custom compounded powders; and custom drying are available. They can be used in baked goods, beverages, baby foods, cereal foods, sauces, glazes, nutraceuticals, and much more. Crystals International Inc., Ingredients Customer Service, 800-237-7629,ingredients@crystals-inc.com

Brown rice syrup is a natural sweetener produced by steeping brown rice with a natural enzyme preparation that converts the mashed grain into a pleasantly sweet liquid with a smooth flavor. Brown rice is the least processed form of rice, and is more nutritious than white rice, providing more protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, niacin, fiber and vitamin E. Chr. Hansen's brown rice syrup is a natural source of sweetness, flavor, soluble solids, protein and complex carbohydrates; is a natural shelflife extender; and is hypoallergenic. Brown rice syrup offers health and functional benefits, making it a versatile ingredient in product development. Brown rice syrup especially is suited for dairy applications as well as rice and soy-based beverages. It also is ideal for energy bars, bakery, and confectionary applications. An organic selection is available. Chr. Hansen Inc., Otis Curtis,Otis.Curtis@chr-hansen-us.com

Fruit and citrus flavors specially formulated for beverages are available. Be it licuado, horchata, cafe au lait, chai, or mojito, McCormick offers the perfect flavor for your consumer. Ethnic flavors include papaya, mango, lime mint, ripe strawberry, clementine, tamarind, blood orange, summer melon, berry banana and pineapple heat. Additionally, the company offers a full line of citrus and fruit flavors available to meet your product development and processing needs. McCormick Flavors, 410-771-7525,McCormick_flavors@mccormick.com

Flavor systems with a cooling sensation are available for use in dairy beverages. Designed to provide a dynamic contrast in profiles, the beverage initially tastes of the labeled flavor then transitions into a cooling sensation in the mouth. The result is a physiological perception of “cooling” without the burning, overpowering sensation associated with menthol or mint. The products cool and refresh while quenching thirst in either an acidic or neutral medium, and are available in a variety of flavors: Peach WONF, Tangerine WONF, Strawberry-Kiwi, Grapefruit WONF, Root Beer and Cola. Samples are available. Wynn Starr, Roland Abate, 800-WYN-STAR

A wide variety of sweeteners that adhere to stringent internal and international standards, and are backed by a knowledgeable staff, are available for use in beverages. For example, IsoClear® 42% High Fructose Corn Syrup contains 94% monosaccharides on a dry solids basis and has a clean non-masking taste that can be used in dairy and fruit-based drinks, functional and energy beverages, tea and coffee drinks and other applications. The product also is available at a 96% ratio. The items are easy to handle and can be used to replace up to 100% of sucrose or invert syrup. They especially enhance citrus and fruit flavors. Cargill Sweeteners,www.cargillfoods.com

Polydextrose, lactitol and xylitol are functional ingredients that enable food and beverage companies to improve the nutritional profiles of their products in order to appeal to today's health-conscious consumers. These innovative ingredients have specific benefits: sugar-free, low-calorie ingredients help with weight management; low-glycemic ingredients are for consumers seeking low-impact carbs, including diabetics; prebiotic and fiber-enriched ingredients improve digestive health; and cariostatic sugar replacers are safe for teeth. Danisco Sweeteners, Donna Brooks, 800-255-6837, ext. 2521,donna.brooks@danisco.com

The unique properties of licorice are utilized in these items. MAFCO's Magnasweet products are a line of multifunctional flavor enhancers, sweetness potentiators and masking agents designed to meet the diverse needs of the food industry. MAFCO Worldwide Corporation is recognized as a leading manufacturer of licorice products. MAFCO Worldwide Corp., Joe Olesiewicz, 856-968-4062,magnasweet@mafcolicorice.com

A range of orange flavors in Natural FTNF and WONF forms for use in any beverage application is available from Danisco's Global Citrus group. The newest item is Blood Orange, which has the sweet taste of the blood orange and can be used to give beverage products a unique flavor profile. The company also has developed FTNF flavor systems for use in shelf stable, 100% orange juice. Danisco Global Citrus, David Cromar, 863-646-0165, x264,david.g.cromar@danisco.com

With the ability to assist in controlling a product's sweetness, Envision® Flavor and Texture Modifier is a co-crystallized product that can be used in applications such as confectionery fillings where the functional properties of sucrose are needed for texture, structure and dispersion—without all the sweetness. It is ideally suited for fat-reduced products where it can replace the fat to maintain the solids needed by providing bulking and texturizing properties. This extremely fine crystal structure also makes the product an ideal fondant for bakery or confectionery products. Domino Specialty Ingredients, David Poust, 800-446-9762,specialty.ingredients@dominofoods.com,www.dominospecialtyingredients.com

Horchata? Limonada? Chai? These are the new flavors that are weaving their way into the tapestry of the American taste. Whether the tart of the acids, the zing of heat, or the complexity of these concoctions, we have them all. Natural or artificial, they are available as dry mixes, or as a liquid or dry flavor. Let us excite your senses with a new twist. Wixon Fontarome, Kathy Tadych, 414-978-6262,kathy_tadych@wixon.com

Lemon zest characteristics are imparted by this new lemon flavor: the flavor is tart, fresh, and very citrusy. Developed utilizing Comax Flavor's advanced technology, the flavor complements beverages, bakery items and nutritional bars particularly well. Available as a Natural WONF, the lemon flavor is offered in a water-soluble or spray-dried form. Technical support is available from the company to ensure the highest possible flavor performance in any application. Samples are available. Comax Flavors, 800-992-0629

A flavoring that ties in with fruit flavor trends, Florida Citrus Rum flavor is being offered by Todhunter Foods. This line of denatured Citrus Rum is available in orange, banana, coconut, pineapple and mango. These are truly natural citrus flavored rums denatured with salt, to provide the processor a tax-free alternative for trendy, upscale applications including marinades, sauces and entrées. Todhunter Foods, 561-655-8977,sales@todhunter.com

A line of sweetness enhancers designed to intensify the perception and potency of traditional sweeteners such as sugar, fructose and honey, complements characterizing flavor notes, increases flavor impact and minimizes unwanted aftertaste. David Michael has sweetness enhancers for every application, including bakery, confectionery, beverages and dessert products. They can be used alone or with other ingredients to provide the exact profile required and are available in natural, N&A, natural WONF or N.I. formulations, in either liquid or dry varieties. David Michael & Co., Customer Satisfaction Department, 215-632-3100,dmflavor@dmflavors.com

Sweetness plus fiber is one way to make beverages healthier and more filling. BeFlora Plus®, an oligofructose-based sweet prebiotic fiber that is 10 times sweeter than sucrose, provides sweetness without any aftertaste. It can be used in beverages by itself or blended with high-intensity sweeteners. When blended with sweeteners, it masks their aftertaste and can provide a cost savings. The ingredient also masks the aftertaste of soy and whey proteins, vitamins and minerals, and any other ingredient that adds an undesirable aftertaste to products. Roxlor International, Robert Veghte, 302-778-4166,RHV@Roxlor.com,www.Roxlor.com