A multi-functional ingredientthat works several ways to enhance customer appeal, dried plums possess a unique, natural system that works to retain moisture and boost flavor in products from processed meats to baked goods. Equally important, research confirms that dried plums can also function as a natural antioxidant, fight pathogens and serve as an anti-microbial agent.
California Dried Plum Board. WRITE IN 205

Dried fruit puree, a superior form of dried raisin paste offering high sugars without the burnt off-flavor frequently found in liquid concentrates, has been introduced by Midway Farms. The soft, flowing, pure fruit puree is ideal for fat replacement in baking applications, fillings, fruit bars, sauces and marinades.
Midway Farms. Write in 206

We bring life to your products! Whether it is chocolates, hard candy, pectin jellies, cereals, caramels, or baked sweet goods, our creative staff at Sensient Flavors will customize formulations to fit your product line; our applications labs can assist you in prototype development.
Sensient Flavors. WRITE IN 207

A new Cinnamon Bun flavor that provides a sweet, cinnamon, caramelized brown sugar and buttery flavor profile can be used in a diversity of products. Applications include nutritional bars, yogurts, creamers and bakery mixes. Cinnamon Bun is available in natural, liquid, water-soluble and powder versions.
Robertet Flavors Inc. WRITE IN 208

Dried tart cherries have many applications, including baked goods, trail mixes and cereals. Chocolate- or yogurt-covered dried tart cherries are also popular. Dried tart cherries contain no preservatives or sulfites and are shelf stable. They have a moisture content of between 13 to 16%.
Cherry Marketing Institute. WRITE IN 209

Soft Cream Cheez Blend, which provides processors an ingredient with a richer, creamier taste and improved functionality, is now available from Kraft Food Ingredients Corp. KFI also announces the return of Kraft® Dehydrated Marshmallow Bits, Marshmallow and Caramel (formerly with Favorite Brands International) confection products. Kraft® Caramel comes in three major forms—enrobed, sauce and bits—for any sweet application imaginable.
Kraft Food Ingredients Corp. WRITE IN 210

Sweet flavors for every possible application, from bakery to confectionery, from beverages to dessert products, are available from David Michael & Co. Choose any fruit imaginable: from well-known apple or lemon, to exotic flavors such as guava, papaya, mango and kiwi. The company can also provide an array of other sweet flavors, such as chocolate, peppermint, caramel, butter and vanilla. A variety of forms are offered: natural, natural and artificial, artificial, liquid or dry.
David Michael & Co. Inc. WRITE IN 211

Formulated into specific shapes to add intense bursts of flavor and color to the finished product, Betrflakes™, which have a 12-month shelf life and require no refrigeration, are available in a variety of flavors, including: apple, cheddar, raspberry, banana, maple, vanilla, blueberry and cinnamon. Additionally, Betrflakes can be customized to capture a unique or “signature” flavor for the formulator. Applications include breads, muffins, cookies and other prepared foods.
Loders Croklaan. WRITE IN 212

A retro blast from the '50s is brought to you with a Natural and Artificial Cherry Cola Flavor that combines the unique spicy notes of cola with the fresh, fruity tartness of red cherries to provide a unique alternative to the usual cola profile. It is perfect for hard candies, lollipops, taffy chews or bubble gum.
Ottens Flavors. WRITE IN 213

Natural flavors and colorings, in a convenient powder form, are available as Crystals™ Freeze-Dried Fruit Powders. These juice powders are natural humectants and can be used in applications such as gelled candies, aerated and/or grained confections, caramels/fudge toffees and compound coatings. With more and more nutraceutical products taking the form of snacks and candy, these powders can help formulators expand their product lines.
Crystals International Inc. WRITE IN 214

Natural flavor concentrates made from butter, cream, sour cream and eight varieties of cheese are available from Butter Buds Food Ingredients. Cocoa Buds adds rich chocolate flavor and rounds off cocoa harshness. Beer Buds is a dry, alcohol-free, natural beer flavor for batters, snack seasonings and more.
Butter Buds Food Ingredients. WRITE IN 215

Honey, the original functional sweetener, is brought to you by nature. Honey provides intense sweetness and distinctive taste and color. It enhances flavors, binds and improves mouthfeel and adds a “natural” image to your product.
National Honey Board. WRITE IN 216

A pop-rock mix-in or topping, called Confecshure Burst™, contains hydrophobic encapsulated CO2 that creates a sensational popping experience when eaten. Balchem's encapsulation technology prevents the CO2 from being released until it is consumed and allows the pop rocks to burst in the mouth without being chewed. The pop rocks are perfect for candies, ice cream toppings, yogurts and dairy novelties.
Balchem Corporation. WRITE IN 217

The energy bar market is quickly expanding and formulators now can choose from a range of flavors that reflect the latest consumer preferences. H & R offers: Natural Mask Type Flavor, Natural Cream Type Flavor, Natural Strawberry Flavor WONF, Natural Apple Cinnamon Flavor, N/A Praline Type Flavor, N/A Caramel Type Flavor, Entrapped N/A Cinnamon Cream Type Flavor and N/A Honey Graham Flavor.
Haarmann & Reimer. WRITE IN 218

Northing compares to the hazelnuts produced in Oregon's rich Willamette Valley. Their delicate, buttery crunch quickly helps to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Oregon Hazelnuts are an excellent way to add culinary distinction to your product line and to attract the dollars of demanding customers.
Oregon Hazelnut Marketing. WRITE IN 219