The purity of these raw materials allows processors to label finished products as “apple wood smoked” or “cherry wood smoked” when applied topically. Red Arrow's CharSol Applewood 2502™ and CharSol Cherrywood 2514™ are aqueous smoke flavors made from 100% apple and cherry wood, respectively. CharSol Applewood 2502™ lends a sweet, ashy smoke character, while CharSol Cherrywood 2514™ provides a bold, earthy smoke taste. Please contact the company for samples. Red Arrow USA, Sales Team, 920-683-5500, ext. 1162,,

This series of flavors combines flavor chemistry with the culinary arts. T. Hasegawa's Chef Arome™ line of “culinary-identical” flavors captures “stove-top” or “oven” flavors. Traditionally, a scratch demi-glace combines an espagnole sauce with a rich veal stock, resulting in a complex sauce profile. The company's ChefArome™ Demi-Glace Flavor replicates intensely-flavored brown sauce and can be used to enhance brown sauces or as a base for sauce formulation. T. Hasegawa Flavors, 714-522-1900,

Capitalize on hot sales from bold flavors of convenience, and ethnic flavor trends with bold flavor marinade recipes. Convenience products are driving sales in foodservice and retail environments. French's Flavor Ingredients help food processors create delicious, marinated ready-to-cook or heat-and-eat/serve products to meet this demand. Made using Frank's® RedHot® sauces, French's mustards and Cattleman's® barbecue sauces, these signature marinades retain moisture while adding popular ethnic flavors to meat, poultry and seafood. French's Ingredients, 800-4-FRENCH,

Here's one company that believes in moving forward and in providing the products and expertise that bring people back. Some of the products of Hormel Foods Specialty Products are: stocks and broths, meat ingredients, seasoning oils and sauces, dried fruits and vegetables, and specialty fats. These products have a number of recognized brand names, including Great Beginnings®, Building Blocks®, Herb Ox® and others. The company's flavor expertise includes all the major proteins: beef, chicken, pork, turkey and ham. Hormel Specialty Products, 800-956-0399,

Grab-and-go foods are in big demand, but not without big flavor, too. That's where TABASCO® brand Industrial Ingredients can make any food manufacturer a true “wrap artist.” Whether it's the wrapper itself or what goes inside, nine different sauce varieties give processors possibilities without boundaries. These include TABASCO Processor's Blend, Pepper Pulp, Crushed Red Pepper and, of course, original Red Pepper Sauce, all of which undergo the unique oak barrel fermentation/aging process. No other pepper product can provide such distinctive flavor enhancement from such small quantities. For more information or to request samples, contact the

A broad line of flavors that delivers the taste of restaurant cooking styles is available to help formulators. Savory Flavors from Kraft Food Ingredients (KFIC) helps manufacturers satisfy consumer demand by offering a ClassicRoast™ CharRoast™, for instance, that imparts an authentic tasting char-roasted impression, with both sweet and fatty notes. Its low color minimizes stratification so that end applications maintain a consistent appearance. CharGrill flavor is characteristic of rapid outdoor cooking with wood that has been reduced to coals. Both ingredients are certified kosher, and can be used with other flavors to provide sophisticated profiles. Kraft Food Ingredients, Jim Cali, 800-458-8324,

Whether it's a new Latin American-inspired soup, grilled “veggie” burger or Asian-flavored chicken, shoppers expect foods to incorporate authentic flavors and taste great. To this end, INNOVA has introduced its ROBUST® product line. ROBUST Replica™ flavors are designed to provide the meaty taste of beef, poultry, pork or other meat types, without the use of real meat products—a great solution for vegetarian and other meatless applications. Robust Ultima™ is the perfect solution when products require excellent taste without additives such as MSG, for example. ROBUST Optima™ flavors are meat- and HVP- (hydrolyzed vegetable protein) based. This line offers a broad range of high-impact flavor options and optimum flexibility in label declaration. INNOVA, 800-246-9223

Items that must be refrigerated during storage cost more and require more care during distribution. To address these cost and handling issues, a new line of shelf stable, highly concentrated sautéed vegetable pastes is now available from Nikken Foods Co. The company's new Sautéed Onion Paste, Sautéed Minced Onion Paste and Sautéed Garlic Paste all are room temperature and shelf stable for 12 months. They are fully sterilized and have a consistently clean, non-salty taste and aroma. The concentrates should be refrigerated immediately upon opening. Samples are available. Nikken Foods Co., Herb Bench, 502-292-3285

Made from fermented wheat protein, this natural flavor enhancer can be used as a replacement for hydrolyzed vegetable proteins and monosodium glutamate. Kikkoman's NFE-S is high in glutamic acid, which provides a clean, balanced, brothy umami flavor to a variety of products. Its mild aroma and neutral, light golden-tan color make it ideal for a broad range of savory applications, including meat, poultry, seafood, soups, dry mixes and seasoning blends. Kikkoman International Inc., 415-956-7750,

Great pride is taken in balancing their ingredients to include the proper blend of aroma, taste, appearance and texture not normally found in low-fat items. Wynn Starr Specialty Foods and Flavors has created an extensive line of marinades, sauces, glaze systems and specific flavor innovations targeted at reducing fat and sodium. These applications enhance lean beef, pork and chicken in commercial processing. Wynn Starr, Roland Abate, 800-996-7827,

Now available is a wide selection of products to bring that savory flavor to all your applications. For label identity and essential tastes necessary for flavor systems, start with IDF® Meat Powders. For a rich roasted flavor or a smooth, savory finish, IDF® Broth Powders offer an agglomerated texture that is particularly suited for soups, bases, marinades, and injection solutions. IDF® Fat and Broth Powders provide the savory flavor and creamy mouthfeel you have been looking for in your sauces, soups, gravies, and more. IDF/International Dehydrated Foods Inc., 800-641-6509,,

Three new kosher and pareve vegetarian meat-type flavors for use in soups, bouillon, or other meat-free dishes have been introduced. The first, an artificial chicken flavor, is available as a liquid (water- or oil-soluble), and as a powder. The second, a retort-stable natural chicken-type flavor, offers a clean label and is non-GMO. It is available water-soluble or spray-dried. The artificial ham flavor is available as a liquid (water- or oil-soluble), and as a powder. As with all our products, technical support is available to ensure optimal flavor performance. Samples and technical data are available. Comax Flavors, 800-992-0629

Ethnic flavors remain very popular, and this company has developed a full line of premium marinade flavors addressing the tastes of four leading ethnic cuisines (Italian, Mexican, Asian and South European). The Latin American's “Chimichurri Flavor” is to Argentineans what “Salsa” is to Mexicans. No wonder that Chimichurri Marinade Flavor #118.23955 is finding application in flavoring meat cuts, fish, snack dips and salad dressings. Bell Flavors and Fragrances Inc., Albert Woszczak, 800-323-4387,

To satisfy both vegetarians and meat eaters alike, this company offers a line of Vegetarian Meat Flavors. The clean-label flavors provide a homestyle touch to all types of savory products while avoiding unwanted ingredients such as meat, meat by-products, HVP, MSG or ribotides. The flavors are heat stable and have been tested in a myriad of preparation methods. Chr. Hansen's Vegetarian Meat Flavors are available in beef, pork, chicken and turkey, with flavors from brothy, roasted and grilled to fried, boiled and charbroiled. Chr. Hansen, Otis Curtis, 201-818-2107,

A line of five beef and chicken savory flavors can be used as stand-alone savory flavors, or to fortify other meat ingredients to further enhance the meat taste and aroma. These Proliant™ enhancers are derived from key ingredients to improve a variety of quality attributes in your end product. The flavors not only provide exceptional taste quality to marinades, but also can be used in dry blends, soups, gravies, and more! Proliant Inc., 800-369-2672

An array of savory flavor systems—whether it's for marinades, meats, vegetables or fish—is available in the form of McCormick's SavorySelect® products, which feature a full line of meat and seafood flavors. The company's Cheez-All® product line offers a wide variety of bold and zesty cheese flavors that can provide the perfect cheese note. McCormick's full line of savory flavors offers grill, garlic and onion, mushroom and vegetable, beer, butter, ethnic-inspired and roasted flavors to deliver the flavors that consumers prefer. McCormick Flavors, 410-771-7525,

For those who market globally, this company guarantees that there are no additives, ingredients or processing aids in these non-genetically engineered flavors. A new line of non-GMO flavors called ED-VANCE now is available. With over 30 flavors in the initial release of the line, a wide range of profiles and solubilities for many applications is offered. Contact Edlong Flavors to discuss your current non-GMO project needs or to order samples today. Edlong Flavors, 888-698-2783,

Looking to give your microwave chicken entrée a fresh oven-roasted flavor? Want a veggie burger that tastes like an all-beef patty, right off the grill? By employing David Michael's block technology, DM Choice® savory flavors achieve the precise nuance you desire. From beef to seafood, poultry to pork, we offer a wide variety of flavors that will provide a fresh approach to processed, frozen and microwaved foods. David Michael & Co., Total Customer Satisfaction Department, 215-632-3100,,

No-Guilt Bacon? Absolutely! Wixon's bacon flavors boost taste impact without adding calories. Natural or artificial labeling, liquid or dry presentation, they are economical, heat resistant and require low levels of usage. They are strong, sweet, and savory, as true-to-nature as possible and, best of all—kind to waistlines. Not just for toppings anymore, Wixon's bacon flavors deliver an extraordinary note, whether added to a marinade, injection, rub, sauce, dressing, or dip. Wixon Fontarome, Kathy Tadych, 414-769-3000,

These flavors are adaptable to many applications: entrées, side dishes, soups, sauces, dressings, marinades, processed meats, and seasonings. WILD Flavors Inc.'s Chef's Shortcuts™ duplicate traditional culinary techniques without compromising the creative signature of the chef. The flavors save time and money while providing shelf-stable ingredients with batch-to-batch consistency. They are easy to handle in production and storage and replace hard-to-source ingredients. Samples are available and can be ordered on the website. WILD Flavors,

Produced through a proprietary enzyme modification process, the Butter Buds® line includes highly concentrated natural dairy flavors derived from butter, cream, sour cream, buttermilk and cheese. The company also offers Cocoa Buds®, a powdered cocoa butter concentrate and Dried Beer ExtractTM spray-dried beer concentrate. Butter Buds products help improve flavor and mouthfeel, mask off-notes, enhance savory flavors, and help reduce costs while adding negligible fat. Butter Buds Food Ingredients, 262- 598-9900,

Flavors geared toward today's growing ethnic market continue to be in demand. Two of the most popular flavors are natural and artificial Shiso flavor #330971 and natural and artificial Kimchee flavor #309730. Many other unique flavors such as Cajeta, Dulce de Leche, Horchata, Jalapeno, Jicama, Luchee, Taro and Ube are available. Visit the company's website for additional information and samples. Gold Coast Ingredients, Jon Wellwood, 800-352-8673,,

Inspired by classical sauce-making techniques, this supplier produced natural flavor extracts from USDA inspected beef, chicken, pork and turkey using a proprietary process—a commercial scale “stock pot.” These extracts are then further filtered, concentrated or dried into the right form and taste for perfectly balanced use in sauces, soups, prepared foods, flavorings and seasoning blends, pasta fillings and rice dishes. Vegetable, cheese and seafood flavors also are available. Ariake USA, John Dwyer, 888-201-5885,,

The addition of vegetables gives dishes a fresh touch. Treatt USA Inc. has extended its savory range of Treattarome™ FTNF (From The Named Food) aqueous natural distillates. Produced using proprietary technology, Roasted Bell Pepper Treattarome 9810, Watercress Treattarome 9820 and Celery Treattarome 9790 impart fresh top notes to create distinct savory flavor profiles for many food systems. Roasted Bell Pepper Treattarome 9810, produced from fresh green, red and yellow peppers, provides a typical, roasted, capsicum flavor with grilled and astringent top notes. Watercress Treattarome 9820 has powerful green, peppery and astringent cress notes accompanied by background characteristics of butter, potato and onion. Treatt USA Inc., John Boddington, 863-668-9500,,

Flavor enhancement is taken to a new level. It says a lot when a company such as Yamasa has been relied upon for flavor enhancement for almost four centuries. Its brown rice-based products offer traditional flavor enhancement, while adding a clean label and better functionality. “HVP" and “artificial” become non-factors, notes the supplier. Brown rice flour-based soy sauce and teriyaki powder offerings from Yamasa include: 1) Brown Rice Flour for a clean label and general product thickening and 2) Brown Rice Flour for a clean label, viscosity, and emulsification. Yamasa Corporation USA, Michael Loera,