In this supplier section, the Prepared Foods editors present ingredients to assist food manufacturers' R&D personnel in developing restaurant-quality foods. We hope our selection of items is helpful to you. Please contact the supplier directly for more information.—Eds.

A variety of powdered, natural mushroom flavors meet the needs of the most creative and demanding chefs in the foodservice industry for soups, sauces and vegetarian applications. Nikken Foods USA Inc. offers flavors featuring champignon and shiitake mushrooms used in Nikken’s Mushroom Extract Powder (2103), Shiitake Powder (2106) and Mushroom Bouillon (2340). Nikken Foods also provides a complete list of fermented soy sauce powders, seafood powders, dried oriental vegetables and continuous vacuum-dried natural flavor bases to the foodservice industry. Nikken Foods USA Inc., Herb Bench, 502-292-3285,,

A leading maker of pepper sauce has been committed to customer satisfaction for over 140 years. McIlhenny Company, maker of TABASCO® brand ingredients, has a mission to supply food manufacturers with the same unique pepper sauce flavor and superior quality they have always enjoyed. At the same time, they endeavor to offer this “unique flavor profile” in a variety of convenient forms to fit most food processing environments. There are 10 different varieties of ingredients from which to choose. Their ultimate goal is to assist in the creation of food products that become accepted by the consumer and are profitable to their makers. McIlhenny Company, chef Jason R. Gronlund, 407-814-2488,,

“Easyfruit” is the latest trend in foodservice. No washing, peeling or stemming is required, as well as no pits, rind, core or waste!  No-fuss, convenient, tasty and nutritious, California raisins save time and labor and add healthy fruit-appeal to an array of dishes all over the menu—from tapas and salads to entrées, snacks, sauces and desserts. For easy ideas for California raisins, contact the California Raisin Marketing Board, Tom Payne, 650-340-8311,,

Almonds are a simple choice that can make a big difference. Whether interested in taste or healthiness, a 1oz serving of almonds is both nutrition-rich and tasty. Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E and magnesium and also offer protein, fiber, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Plus, that same serving contains only 160 calories and no cholesterol. Research has shown that almonds can help lower LDL cholesterol levels, and people find them very satiating. Almond Board of California, Harbinder Maan, 209-549-8262,,

Blueberries spark visions of hearth and home, along with traditional wholesomeness. Yet, this real-life “comfort” fruit provides added benefits including texture, burst-in-the-mouth flavor, nutritional value, product authenticity, appetizing color, clean labels and the health halo that is so important in today’s customer-directed foodservice market. All are good reasons to choose real blueberries over simulated bits. Highbush blueberries provide the best nature has to offer: healthy eating, good nutrients and delicious, sweet, real fruit benefits. Available in multiple formats, blueberries pair with a wide variety of ingredients from savory to sweet. For dairy, baked goods, beverages and snacks, blueberries are a value-added ingredient. U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, Tom Payne, 650-340-8311,,

A gourmet foods manufacturer introduces sautéed, ready-to-use frozen mushrooms. Phillips Gourmet’s proprietary process allows a freeze/thaw cycle without destroying the mushroom cell structure, thus maintaining rich flavor and fresh-like texture. Phillips’ frozen mushrooms are all-natural, use no hydrogenated oils and are seasoned with garlic, salt, parsley and pepper to provide flexibility in applications. Use with proteins, in sandwiches, pizzas, pastry dishes, sauces, dips or fillings. No prep labor is required. Portobello and white mushrooms are available sliced and diced in 5lb pouches with a shelflife of 18 months. Phillips Gourmet, Kate Foley, 847-587-3103,

A leading gourmet and specialty foods company has perfected the wine reduction techniques used by chefs in the kitchen, only they do it on an industrial scale. Imperial Brands Gourmet & Specialty Division’s process ensures product consistency with time- and temperature-controlled reduction. Wine reductions are alcohol-free, meaning no need for federal alcohol tax. Beverage wine is reduced 10-fold—10 gallons of wine is reduced to one gallon of culinary wine reduction—thus saving on shipping and storage costs. Unlike traditional cooking wines, these reductions have no added salt. The product line includes red port, sherry, burgundy, sweet Marsala and many more that are all-natural, OU-kosher and shelf-stable. Applications include soups, sauces, entrées, condiments, dressings, demi-glace and flavor industry applications. Imperial Brands Gourmet & Specialty Division, Stephanie Owens, 863-956-2005,,

Adults love strawberries, and in one study, children rated them as their number one favorite fruit. The California Strawberry Commission is committed to helping foodservice companies use California strawberries. With proven patron appeal and labor-saving convenience, strawberries are a cost-effective way to boost add-on sales and bring a “healthy indulgence” to traditional menus. A nutritional powerhouse, strawberries are packed with antioxidants and health-promoting nutrients. To learn more about storage and handling techniques, best-selling menu ideas and merchandising support, visit The California Strawberry Commission, Mary DeGroat, 831-724-1301,

A leading manufacturer’s soy sauce is brewed from four natural ingredients: water, wheat, soybeans and salt—then aged for nearly six months. Kikkoman Soy Sauce’s natural brewing process makes it one of the most versatile flavor enhancers available. With more than 285 distinct flavor and aroma components, Kikkoman Soy Sauce can enhance virtually any savory dish. Visit their website for recipe ideas and to learn about their full range of soy sauces and other Asian sauces, seasonings and coatings. Kikkoman, Debbie Carpenter, 415-229-3650,,