Gelatin-free gelling agents for use in stabilizing yogurt and a heat-stable alginate for use in restructuring meats, fruits and vegetables, were unveiled by FMC BioPolymer. The yogurt stabilizer is all natural and provides excellent mouthfeel and flavor release, while the gelling agent allows for creative concepts in developing products for stews and kids' meals.

FMC BioPolymer. WRITE IN 236

Prevent dough tearing and bleedout problems in laminated doughs with extrudable margarine. Bunge Foods presents Xtrude™ Margarine for use in laminated doughs for pastry. Xtrude™ joins the company's emulsifying Cremol™, which adds moistness and stability to icings and cream fillings.

Bunge Foods. WRITE IN 237

Alternatives to gelatin--in light of concerns over cattle products--are presented by a new company formed by the merger of two leaders in food processing. CP Kelco offers a variety of hydrocolloidal products--including xanthan gum, gellan gum and other specialty food ingredients--for stability, suspension and texture.

CP Kelco. WRITE IN 238

Add coatings without adding fat with modified food starches. The Pure-Cote™ line of Modified Food Starches from GPC can be part of formulations designed to add crispness and improve adhesion--without adding additional fat or unwanted flavors. Pure-Gel™ adds stability and adhesion to barbecue and Cajun sauces.

Grain Processing Corporation. WRITE IN 239

Until now, certified-organic lecithin for use in food processing has been virtually unavailable. Clarkson Grain, the largest US supplier of organic soy and grains to manufacturers, has made Ojai Organics its exclusive distributor of its certified-organic lecithin, used as a binding agent and emulsifier and a key ingredient in chocolates, baked goods, salad dressings and spreads.

Ojai Organics. WRITE IN 240

An economical alternative to sweet dairy whey, Premium Deproteinized Whey (PDPW) improves flavor, color and texture in a variety of food and beverage applications. PDPW, from Davisco, is a high quality whey ingredient with a clean dairy flavor similar in functionality to the sweet dairy whey from which it is manufactured.

Davisco Foods International. WRITE IN 241

Microencapsulated ingredients for controlled release of active ingredients and preventing unwanted ingredient interactions, PrimeCape is the latest introduction from Primera Foods. The line includes fat-based encapsulated coatings and formulations for baking applications, such as pizza dough, confections and functional foods. Primera also produces other microencapsulates, including sodium chloride, iron compounds and citric acids.

Primera Foods Corporation. WRITE IN 242

Two new granular, cold-water swelling starches were introduced by Cerestar. CHiForm 12742, shown in frozen Brandy Alexander tarts, features instant viscosity without cooking, very high water binding capacity and a smooth, short, creamy texture. CHiForm 72391 unmodified tapioca starch gave Beignets their increased volume and clean flavor. This starch lends itself to "natural" labeling and makes dough less sticky so it is easier to process. Shrimp Bisque can maintain its quality on steam tables due to CHiForm 12715.

Cerestar. WRITE IN 243

Soy proteins in more than 150 types are available from Central Soya. Brand name consumer products that include the company's soy proteins were shown in the booth. Kashi Cereal, Go-Lean Crunch, Luna Bar, and Pepperidge Farm bread were some of the offerings. A crab cake made with textured vegetable protein demonstrated the product's versatility.

Central Soya. WRITE IN 244

Konjac Gum is the newest addition to the hydrocolloid offerings of Gum Technology Corp. Derived from the tubers of the "Elephant Yam," it can produce a reversible or a non thermo-reversible gel. It is used as a gelling agent, adhesion aid and fat replacer in meat products. It is also used for gelling and texture in confections and beverages, as well as other applications. Coyote Star Brand includes many gums and stabilizers for a wide range of food applications.

Gum Technology Corp. WRITE IN 245

New gun puffed rice, corn, oats and wheat joined the product list at The Weetabix Company Inc. Known for grain ingredients that give crunch and texture, Weetabix furnishes a 60% soy protein crisp rice that can be used to add soy protein to snack bars, cereals and other products. They have a full line of crisp rice products, as well as grain squares, pillows and granolas. Their organic certified line of grain products is drawing increased interest.

The Weetabix Company Inc. WRITE IN 246

Native waxy rice starches were introduced in the NOVATION® series. NOVATION 8600 and 8300 can be labeled as "rice starch." The native starches impart smooth, short texture and do not set to a gel. Applications include retorted soups and gravies, infant formula and baby foods, puddings, and fruit fillings. The company served an organic Passion Mango Smoothie using a new line of organic starches, NOVATION OC.

National Starch & Chemical. WRITE IN 247

Improve texture and body while also adding optimum mouthfeel and
clean flavor delivery to dairy products and desserts. Texturant Systems' Daritech™ products add viscosity control and freeze-thaw stability to ice creams, sorbets and shake mixes, while Vitexe offers heat stability and syneresis control to dairy products--from mousse to cottage cheese. Both also lengthen product shelf life.

Degussa Texturant System Sales LLC. WRITE IN 248

Textured wheat proteins were among the ingredients featured in vegetarian dishes at Midwest Grain Products Inc. Their bland flavor and fibrous texture make them suitable for a vegetarian product or an extender for meat, poultry or seafood. Wheat protein isolates for baked goods improve dough handling and produce quality goods with longer shelf lives.

Midwest Grain Products Inc. WRITE IN 249

Gum bases for all types of chewing gum, from fun to functional, are available from L.A. Dreyfus Co. Confectionery chewing gum comes in brightly colored balls and tablets, and delivers sweetness and flavors, be it sugar sweetened, or sugar free. Bases can vary in texture for bubble blowing or chewing. Gum can also be a delivery system for nutritional products.

L.A. Dreyfus Co. WRITE IN 250

Agglomeration capabilities were featured at Maple Island Inc. Instantizing of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, milk, and starches, makes them optimal for use in beverages and nutraceuticals. The company's wide range of powder processing and packaging services include blending, pouch packaging and canning. It handles dairy powders and specialty products and supplies custom blends.

Maple Island Inc. WRITE IN 251

Hydrocolloid carrageenan blends for suspensions in dairy and prepared foods and meats were new for Rhodia. Constantly working on ways to improve quality, safety, nutritional value and shelf life, the company offers leavening agents, thickeners, stabilizers, fat replacers, dairy cultures and food phosphates, as well as a commitment to customized solutions and support.

Rhodia Foods. WRITE IN 252

Reduce fat without sacrificing taste or mouthfeel. Benefat® is a new offering from Danisco Cultor, a structured trygliceride which delivers only five-ninths the amount of available fats traditional fats do. Benefat joins Danisco Cultor's wide range of flavors, functional ingredients, specialty fats, enzymes and other quality food additives.

Danisco Cultor USA Inc.WRITE IN 253

Mono- and diglycerides can be supplied as single ingredients, or as components in custom blends by American Ingredients Co. The company also supplies emulsifiers and fortification blends and offers approximately 750 different ingredients in its line. American Ingredients Co. supplies its custom blends to bakers and many other segments of the food industry.

American Ingredients Co. WRITE IN 254

Texture, appearance, flavor and stability that stand up to heat and cold are hallmarks of the GMO-free alginates presented by ISP. These provide improved mouthfeel in pastas, intense color and holding power for fillings for baked goods from fruit to meringue, and thickening and suspension in hot and cold drinks, such as lattes or fruit smoothies.

ISP Alginates, Inc. WRITE IN 255

A mid-oleic, non-GMO sunflower oil called NuSun was one of the many products featured by ADM and its various divisions. ADM is North America's leading producer of vegetable oils.

ADM Food Oils. WRITE IN 256

Resistant starch is gaining attention, including in the area of diabetes control, and has broader applications than regular starches. Penford Ingredients' Hi-Maizee has found particular success in applications with McDonald's in other parts of the world, where it provides 3 grams of dietary fiber in the fast food giant's buns and muffins. Other applications include drinks, yogurt, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Penford Ingredients. WRITE IN 257

Bone density testing and fortified ice cream could all be found at the Glanbia Ingredients booth. Featured were TruCale, "real calcium from milk," and ViscoMax, a new high-viscosity whey protein concentrate.

Glanbia Ingredients Inc. WRITE IN 258

Special types of gelatine developed by the Gelita research departments are key to numerous "light" foods, diet products or sugar-free bars. Gelita Group members from Kind & Knox, and Dynagel, were on hand to discuss the protein and functional properties of Gelita brand gelatines, which were featured in energy/food/nutrition bars.

Kind & Knox Gelatine Inc. WRITE IN 259

The latest research and technical information on this naturally stable and functional oil were offered for review. The National Cottonseed Producers Association represents producers of America's original domestic vegetable oil.

National Cottonseed Producers Assoc. WRITE IN 260

A clean flavor profile and improved texture are two benefits of modified potato and tapioca starches presented by AVEBE America. Farinexe T420 modified tapioca starch adds strength and stability, while Perfectamyle B1102 adds crispness to spring roll wrappers. AVEBE also demonstrated dipping sauces using PASELLIe EZ starches and a shelf-stable key lime cheesecake with creamy texture and excellent mouthfeel.

AVEBE America Inc. WRITE IN 261

A new soy protein developed by Protein Technologies International, Solaee, will serve to create partnerships with those that make great-tasting, healthy food. Solae is designed to stand out from the health food crowd in supermarkets and creates a new dimension in the health food category--a health food seal, a comprehensive ingredient branding program. The first product to feature Solae, soymilk, will debut this summer.

Protein Technologies International. WRITE IN 262

Technical Session: Practical Success With Hydrocolloids

Hydrocolloids provide stability, viscosity and unique textures in numerous food applications. Speakers in Session 18 presented information on the advantages of using specific hydrocolloids, which included starches, carrageenan, alginates, xanthan gum and guar gum.

Modification affects the functional properties of starches. For example, hydrolysis weakens the starch granule and reduces overall viscosity, allowing it to be used in a gum-type candy. Hydroxypropylation lowers the gelatinization temperature of a starch and improves its water holding capacity and freeze-thaw stability. These starches are suitable for hot dogs, frozen foods and gravies.

The dairy and meat industries benefit from carrageenans. Beverages based on cow's milk, soy and whey use carrageenan for stability and a slippery mouthfeel. In meat, carrageenans hold water and increase yield. Applications include pre-cooked ham and turkey breast for the deli.

Alginates provide viscosity and form true gels without any heating. Propylene glycol alginate also acts as an emulsifying agent. In salad dressings, it suspends particles and stabilizes the emulsion. Sodium alginate offers bake stability and a clean flavor release. Formulators can use it in pie and breakfast bar fillings.

Xanthan gum thickens, gels and suspends. It is predominantly used in salad dressings for its suspension abilities. It works in synergy with guar gum or locust bean gum to increase viscosity and gel strength. Dairy applications, such as ice cream and spreads, benefit from this combination.

Guar gum is a thickener and is also a good source of soluble dietary fiber (80% minimum on dry basis). The tortilla industry uses it for its high water-binding capacity. Current research is looking at utilizing guar gum's emulsifying properties.

-Linda Milo Ohr, Senior Technical Editor