This commercially available, high-performance xanthan gum offers superior rheology, stabilizing and thickening properties, heat stability, pH stability, and excellent cling. ADM's xanthan gum is ideal for salad dressings, baked goods, dairy products, low-calorie foods, syrups, and more. ADM offers xanthan gum customers dependable supplies of consistent, high-quality ingredients, along with outstanding technical support and worldwide distribution. Xanthan gum is part of ADM Specialty Ingredients' established line of products including citric acid, citrates, lactic acid, sorbitol and GDL. ADM Specialty Ingredients, 800-637-5850,

These products have been formulated for products such as beverages, dry mixes, sauces and dressings. Primera Foods Corp.'s Insta*Thick® and Insta*Starch® lines offer a variety of hydrocolloids and starches that are agglomerated for faster, dust-free dispersion without lumping. Vis*Quick blends are agglomerated blends of hydrocolloids formulated to offer economical, effective thickening. Tapi® 3, a modified tapioca starch is non-GMO and hypoallergenic, providing viscosity for binding, a creamy texture or fat mimetic in beverages, sauces, dressings and baked goods. Primera Foods Corp., Leslie Rask, 763-420-5553,

A two-part system for superior freeze-thaw, yeast-raised donuts has been created by Degussa Texturant Systems. For the donut matrix, Gelogen™ GSG series is an integrated stabilizer blend that controls moisture migration from the donut to the icing/glaze, retains crumb moisture and softness, and improves the shelflife and volume. For the icing, Gelogen™ GIT series serves as a complementary stabilizer that repels water by imparting a hydrophobic barrier to prevent syneresis and reduce stickiness. Degussa Texturant Systems, 800-241-9485

A line of food starches designed to provide viscosity without heating or cooking, INSCOSITY® has been introduced by Grain Processing Corporate (GPC). These easy-to-disperse, freeze-thaw and steam table stable instant corn starches provide a smooth appearance with surface sheen and clarity. The starches have the ability to bind water without moisture loss or syneresis and are suitable for a variety of applications including frozen bakery, frosting and glazes, beverages, cold process desserts and fruit toppings, sauces, dressings and hot water-dispersible gravies. Grain Processing Corp, 563-264-4265,,

These ingredients provide “invisible” fiber enrichment to cereals, yogurts, beverages, nutrition and sports bars, and other prepared foods. The nutritional benefits of all-natural Raftilose (oligofructose) and Raftiline (inulin) include improved digestive and heart health, by reducing serum triglycerides. Raftilose Synergy 1, a patented form of enriched inulin, is designed to boost calcium adsorption. Orafti Active Food Ingredients, Barry Schwartz, 610-889-9828

A manufacturer of custom-designed stabilizers, texture systems and flavor and seasoning systems, Advanced Food Systems has been doing business for more than 20 years. The company's expertise in problem-solving and creating new products with fast turnaround times is available to customers in the processed meat and poultry, dressings and sauces, frozen foods, snacks and bakery industries. Advanced Food Systems Inc., 732-873-6776

A pregelatinized wheat starch that has applications in almost any product from bakery products to gravies, soups and sauces to salad dressings, Pregel™ 46 is a product of MGP Ingredients. This high-viscosity starch hydrates easily, possesses good freeze-thaw stability, and helps control grain, cell texture and volume in bakery mixes. Call for more information on the company's premium wheat starches and wheat proteins. MGP Ingredients, 800-255-0302

A new rapidly-gelling instant starch forms a firm gel in as little as two hours and delivers full strength in under 10 hours. This highly functional structurizer is a specially processed potato starch. Because of the bland base and unique processing, this product has a clean flavor profile permitting brighter flavor release and carries a native starch label. Named Advanta-GEL™ P75 starch, this unique texture modifier can deliver a range of set characteristics, depending on use level. National Starch & Chemical Co., 800-797-4992

A full line of pre-gelatinized starches for viscosity and solids control is available from Tate & Lyle Food Ingredients, under the Staley brand. Instant TENDER-JEL® 434 starch provides excellent freeze/thaw stability. BATTER-UP® F, an unmodified dent starch, provides excellent adhesion. TAPIOCA DEXTRIN 11 provides film formation and reduced fat pick-up, which provides lasting crispness. STA-O-PAQUE® 667, a modified waxy starch, reduces blow-off during frying. Tate & Lyle Food Ingredients, 800-526-5728,

Pectin is a polymeric carbohydrate of a high molecular weight. It is present in all plants, primarily in the form of protopectin. Commercial pectin is derived from the peel of citrus fruits (lemon, lime, orange and grape), or from apple pomace. GRINDSTED® Pectin produced by Danisco is manufactured from citrus fruits. Pectin consists primarily of a chain of galacturonic acid units linked by a-1,4 glucosidic bonds. The galacturonic acid chain is partially esterified as methyl esters. The basic properties of pectin include:
  • High degree of purity.
  • Light colored powders, producing high-clarity solutions.
  • High, uniform gel strength.
  • Good protein stabilisation.
Danisco produces both high-ester and low-ester pectins. The higher DE (de-esterification degree), the lower the amount of soluble solids required, and the higher pH value at which gels can be formed. Thus, pectins with the correct DE in relation to the solids content and pH value of end products should always be selected.

High-ester pectins have DE (degree of esterification) of 50% or more and are capable of forming gels in aqueous systems with high contents of soluble solids (higher than 55%) and low pH values, about in the range of 2.8-3.5. Danisco USA Inc.,

Potatoes are a versatile food. Paselli™ FP and FPF potato fiber products possess significant water- and fat-binding capabilities that pare away at texture and stability issues. The fibers withstand shear, freeze/thaw conditions and pH as low as 4.0. They improve the texture of vegetarian meat analogs, increase the moisture in baked goods and increase the fiber content on nutritional panels. They are kosher and GMO-free. AVEBE America Inc., 609-520-1400,

Now acacia gum offers more! Historically used as just an emulsifier and stabilizer, Colloides Naturels, Inc. has brought acacia gum to the next level with Fibregum. The latest in CNI's innovations, it offers technological benefits across many applications. It has good resistance in an acidic medium, a weak heating capacity and is not cariogenic. Additionally, it is a source of soluble dietary fiber (90% on dry extract through AOAC), helping customers formulate healthier products. Clinical studies have proven its prebiotic effect, and new studies are demonstrating other beneficial health effects as well. Colloides Naturels Inc., 908-707-9400,