The disappointment in the taste of more-healthful low-calorie or low-fat items has left many food developers feeling cynical when it comes to ingredients touted as being healthier. So, when a product that mimicked heavy cream exactly in taste and function was touted as being healthier and more stable, many chefs were skeptical. However, the success stories pouring in from across the nation indicate that Darifair (Jacksonville, Fla.) has created something special: Identi-cal.

One classic Identi-cal success story comes from a major soup manufacturer who was losing money on a contract due to unexpected fluctuations in the butter market. Looking for a solution, the company turned to Identi-cal, instantly realizing the product was more beneficial for them to use than heavy cream.

Identi-cal proved indistinguishable from heavy cream in flavor and viscosity but has added benefits, like 40% less fat, an unbreakable makeup and resistance to coagulation when heated. All of these advantages, combined with the fact that the ingredient is 25% less expensive than heavy cream, have led to increased profits for the soup manufacturer.

The soup company now uses Identi-cal in multiple applications and continues to reap the rewards. As success stories continue to emerge, developers are urged to consider using Identi-cal in the next recipe that calls for heavy cream. There is no reason the next major Darifair success story should not be theirs.

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