A “solvent-free” line of soy protein concentrates has been launched to address the growing number of food manufacturers seeking to eliminate solvent-based soy ingredients in their foods. Spectrum Foods Inc.'s Nexsoy[r] brand of soy protein concentrates are available in both certified non-GMO and certified organic versions, and contain a minimum 80% protein. They can be used in applications seeking increased protein content, reduced-carbohydrate products, nutritional beverages and nutrition bars. The Nexsoy processing method is entirely mechanical and requires no chemicals such as hexane, resulting in a bland, naturally produced soy ingredient without typical “grassy“ or “beany“ flavors, say company officials. Spectrum Foods Inc., Rob Kirby, 217-391-0091, ext. 12, rkirby@spectrum-foods.com , www.efoodpantry.com/nexsoy