On the Street - Burcon NutraScience Advances Soy Protein

Clarisoy, an exciting new advance in soy protein, possesses some interesting attributes, including its unique ability to mix into acidic beverages, such as juice and sports drinks; exceptional flavor characteristics (no “beany” taste often associated with soy protein); transparency (becomes  " invisible"  in the beverage); and the ability to withstand high temperatures in hot-fill applications. This revolutionary advance on traditional soy protein isolates greatly expands soy protein’s potential marketplace as a food protein ingredient. Burcon NutraScience, a food ingredients R&D company, is making plant and oilseed proteins more accessible for human consumption worldwide. Burcon NutraScience, info@burcon.ca, www.burcon.ca

From the March 30, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition