Dare to Be Fair

A high quality fair trade vanilla of Indian origin has high vanillin content and a clean flavor profile. Virginia Dare has announced the product, sanctioned by Transfair USA, which establishes and maintains fair trade standards in the U.S. Fair trade is a certified chain supply process that sets ethical standards and encourages social responsibility to small-scale farmers and producers of agricultural and artisan products. The cornerstone of fair trade is to enable disadvantaged producers to compete in the global marketplace. Certification promotes the maintenance of safe and healthy working conditions and protection from exploitation. Virginia Dare, Paulette Kerner, 410-569-9766,pkerner@virginiadare.com,www.virginiadare.com

Sweet Rewards

One of the most versatile and cost-effective sweetener ingredients in the food industry has been successfully incorporated into a wide variety of formulations. Daniso’s Litesse® has many of the functional properties of sugar without the sweetness. It can be easily balanced with many formulations due to its clean, neutral taste, which also helps mask off-notes from nutritional supplements such as soy, vitamins and minerals. With a higher water solubility than most carbohydrates and polyols, Litesse is a straightforward, easy-to-use ingredient that also improves texture and mouthfeel in many food and beverage formulations due to its higher viscosity than sucrose or sorbitol solutions. Danisco Sweeteners, Donna Brooks, 800-255-6837, ext. 2521,donna.brooks@danisco.comwww.danisco.com 

Supplements and Colon Cancer

A major European study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (February 2007) shows that colon cancer risk can be reduced by a dietary supplement containing a prebiotic ingredient. Beneo™Synergy1 prebiotic had a favorable impact on a number of early markers of colon cancer in the study, conducted by SYNCAN (an EU-funded program). SYNCAN tested the hypothesis that a combination of prebiotics and probiotics could help protect the gut from DNA changes that promote the cancer. Results showed volunteers who received the symbiotic supplement experienced significant reductions in DNA damage in the intestinal tissue and less cell proliferation with improved gut immune response. While it has long been suspected that dietary changes can lower cancer risk, no human intervention study has provided clear proof that a convenient daily supplement can make such significant changes in both the short and long term. ORAFTI Active Food Ingredients, Joseph O’Neill, 610-889-9828,www.orafti.com

Bitterness Be Gone!

A cleaner, more effective alternative for meat protection is available from the world’s leader in meat and poultry safety products. PURAC America presents Opti.Form® Ultra, an addition to the Opti.Form line that utilizes innovative processing technology for the cleanest flavor in the market to enable use without masking agents or additives. PURASAL® antimicrobial ingredients offer meat and poultry processors an optimum formulation of natural sodium or potassium lactate and sodium diacetate, creating a synergistic effect to control pathogens and extend shelflife, while reducing bitterness or off-flavors. PURAC America, Eva Dratwa, 847-634-6330,www.purac.com/meatandpoultry

Veggie Orange Juice?

Glucosamine from a vegetable source is now available in orange juice. Cargill’s new Regenasure® glucosamine has been determined to be GRAS for specific food and beverage applications. This product is produced from a vegetarian source and is the only commercially available non-animal, non-shellfish glucosamine. The GRAS status permits the product to be used in a variety of specific and mainstream beverages. This month, The Coca-Cola Company launched Minute Maid Active™ Pure Squeezed Orange Juice, containing 750mg of Regenasure glucosamine HC1 per serving in an effort with Cargill to promote joint health to consumers. Cargill, Lori Fligge, 952-742-2275,lori_fligge@cargill.com,www.REGENASURE.com

A Textural Equation

An innovative new nutritional texturizer combines acacia gum and wheat fibers. Colloides Naturels International (CNI) has launched EQUACIA™, which brings technical properties (thickening and stabilizing, water binder, fat replacer and mouthfeel enhancer) and enriches at the same time—with two kinds of fibers. The soluble fibers have a prebiotic effect, and the insoluble fibers have a mechanical effect on the transit. Affected by neither temperature nor pH, EQUACIA guarantees viscosity after heating and is particularly suited for applications in bakery, ice cream, mayonnaise and sauces. Granulated and dust-free, it flows easily to facilitate ease of handling and dispersion and is quickly hydrated for time savings and increased productivity. Colloides Naturels International, France, Bénédicte Maheut, +33 2 32 83 18 18,www.cniworld.com

Blackberry Bash

Sweet and luscious, blackberries possess a deep sweet-tart flavor profile. Robertet captures the essence of this fruit with a selection of blackberry flavors with various profiles including fresh, floral, jammy, ripe and seedy. Marionberry Flavor combines

intense blackberry flavor with an enticing aroma and the perfect sweet-tart balance. For a burst of high-impact, try Xtreme Blackberry Flavor. Robertet’s blackberry flavors blend well with other fruit flavors and are natural and work well in an extensive variety of applications, including beverages, dairy, pharmaceutical/nutraceutical, ice cream, yogurt and sorbet. Robertet USA, Gretchen Schleck, 732-981-8300,jhGschleck@RobertetUSA.com,RobertetFlavors@RobertetUSA.com

Organic Promise

A food ingredients company has received organic certification as a processor from Quality Assurance International (QAI), the largest independent certifying organization of its kind in the U.S. Wixon Inc. will manufacture, process and distribute certified organic products and ingredients to the food and beverage industries. Already partnered with companies to develop a variety of products, now it will work with customers to create customized organic products from start to finish. It can also originate products for the fast-growing organic meat industry, along with producing organic seasonings and blends to help customers meet the marketplace’s changing desires. Wixon Inc., 414-769-3000,www.wixon.com

Better Than Butter

An all-natural butter replacer can be used to prepare reduced-fat baked goods by replacing part of the butter. Gum Technology’s Coyote Brand Stabilizer Butter Fat Replacer improves texture and adds pliability and fiber in products such as cookies, scones, pie crusts and muffins. Gum Technology Corporation, 800-369-4867,info@gumtech.com,www.gumtech.com

A Flavor Natural

The Japanese people eat a wide variety of foods that are often influenced by the four seasons of nature. Nikken Foods is one of the largest natural flavor companies in the world. A pioneer in new product development and innovative production techniques, its wide variety of natural flavors appeals to the senses. Natural flavors are achieved through hot water extraction or by fermentation. They are available in powder form without additives, extract powder strengthened with natural additives and shelf-stable liquid concentrates. Formulas can be modified to exact specifications. Nikken Foods USA, 636-436-0741,www.nikkenfoods.com

Let Them Eat Cakes with CakeZyme™

A convenient, easy-to-use, enzyme-based ingredient offers manufacturers an impressive range of benefits. DSM’s CakeZyme™ is a unique technological breakthrough for the cake and bakery industry that promises to enhance product quality, improve nutritional profile and reduce overall manufacturing costs. A microbial phospholipase, it enables manufacturers to use fewer eggs in their recipes and significantly enhances emulsification, resulting in lower batter density, improved batter viscosity and a delayed crumb setting. The finished product benefits from increased volume, improved crumb structure and softness and a longer shelflife. DSM Food Specialties, Otis Curtis, 914-432-5048,Otis.curtis@dsm.com,www.dsm-bakingenzymes.com

Crunchier Crumbs

Add superior taste and crunch to your breaded product with a unique breadcrumb that uses a patent-pending manufacturing process. Crunchy Crisp™ Breadcrumbs from Southeastern Mills offer less breakdown in processing equipment than competitive crumbs and add value and marketability to products. By staying crisper longer, they are ideal for full-fry and ovenable applications on meats and great for appetizers or desserts, as well. More crumb weight per truck means lower freight costs. Flavor customization is available to create a unique breadcrumb system for your specific application. Southeastern Mills, George Manak, 800-334-4468, ext. 159,gmanak@semills.com,www.semills.com

Go Bananas!

Forget iced tea and lemonade this summer; go bananas with soy drinks! Summer Seasonals by Vitasoy, made from whole organic soybeans, filtered water and organic cane juice, are USDA certified organic and heart healthy. With no cholesterol or trans fat, each serving offers 4g of protein with a low-fat/-calorie content. A refreshing summer delight, they come in Strawberry Banana or Chocolate Banana flavors and are non-dairy and gluten- and lactose-free. Each package offers recipes such as “Outrageous Smoothie” or scrumptious “Go Bananas Pie.” Vitasoy USA Inc., Sue McGovern, 781-648-7157,sue@mcgov.com.il,www.vitasoy-usa.com

Potato Plus

High-performance proteins offer unique properties for application in the food and pharmaceutical industries. AVEBE, the Dutch potato starch group, has announced a new subsidiary, SOLANIC, which uses breakthrough technology to extract high-performance proteins. For the food industry, it offers manufacturers many advantages in comparison to animal proteins. In the pharmaceutical arena, it can be used as an anti-inflammatory skincare compound. Both of these applications constitute unique propositions. AVEBE, Netherlands, Johan Russchen, +31 (0)598 664208,www.avebe.com

Stay Fiber Smart

Tailor-made dietary fiber may be able to flush artery-clogging cholesterol from the body or lower heart disease risks. New research from the University of Guelph’s (Ontario) animal and poultry science division shows that guar gum, a fiber-rich plant extract from a legume grown in India, can reduce cholesterol in pigs and may do so in humans. Researchers hope to find ways to use home-grown “smart” fiber that will improve consumers’ heart health and benefit the agri-food industry, as well.

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Brainy Foods

Scientists agree that vegetables, fish and beans may protect from heart attacks or cancer, but now there is evidence that they are part of a group of “brain foods” that can ward off memory loss, depression or stress. Curtin University reviewed over 50 studies on the effects of different foods on mental health and discovered that nutrients such as B vitamins and omega-3s, as well as minerals such as zinc and magnesium, play a vital role in keeping the brain healthy. Researchers believe a diet rich in nutrients and antioxidants could help reverse growing rates of mental health problems. Bottom-line advice is to keep the plate as colorful as possible with foods like spinach, blueberries and curry. These foods protect against age decline and promote brain health. A list of foods and how they help brain functions will include such items as: vegetables and legumes for improved memory, vitamin C for reduced depression and green leafy vegetables for anxiety.

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