Rosemary by Any Other Name

A reformulated line of ingredients promises to protect edible and frying oils from rancidity, while satisfying both producers and consumers. Vitiva has reformulated its INOLENS® 4 line for substantially reduced odor and bitterness, plus protection from changes in taste, odor and color while extending product shelflife. INOLENS 4 is an odorless rosemary extract line introduced last year and is the result of Vitiva’s proprietary extraction process to eliminate strong odor typical to many rosemary extracts, making INOLENS 4 suitable for a wide range of food applications. Vitiva, Dushka Dimitrijevic, +386 2 1788 87 38,,

Promising Soy Research

New research from cancer experts at the National Cancer Institute suggests that eating soy foods as a child or teen--specifically, before a girl enters puberty--may be a way to prevent breast cancer. In this study, women who consumed higher amounts of soy between the ages of five and 11 were 58% less likely to develop breast cancer than women who consumed less soy in this period of their lives. With one in every eight women predicted to develop breast cancer at some point in their lives, this is promising news. The Soyfoods Council, Linda Funk, 866-431-9814,,

For Sharper Cognition

One of the recipients of NBJ’s product merit award for 2007 improves cognitive performance and is a unique phosphatidylserine (PS) compound, having a DHA component conjugated to its backbone. Enzymotec has announced that Sharp•PS™ GOLD is the recipient of the award and also announced the formal launch of its website, The PS form in Sharp•PS GOLD has a greater resemblance to the natural form of PS found in the human brain and in breast milk and is known to increase the availability of DHA to the brain and have greater impact on cognitive performance. Enzymotec Ltd., Orly Farkash, +973 4 654 5112,

Yo-Yo Dieting Increases Cancer Risk

Women who yo-yo diet, experiencing significant fluctuations in weight, may more than double their risk of kidney cancer, according to research published in theAmerican Journal of Epidemiology. In the study, researchers studied 140,057 women between the ages of 50 and 79 for close to eight years and concluded that considerable weight swings and a large waistline were more accurate risk factors in the development of kidney cancer than was obesity.

Women whose weight fluctuated by more than 9.9lbs (4.5kg) more than 10 times during their adulthood were two and a half times more likely to get kidney cancer.

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An Ice Cream Dream

Today’s ice cream processors can offer consumers the ability to have great-tasting ice cream at a stable cost, despite rising concerns about milk prices. Danisco’s GRINDSTED® IcePro stabilizer systems actually reduce the overall cost of ice cream, because manufacturers can reduce butterfat and dairy solids content. The added health and wellness benefit of less fat does not affect taste, making it a win-win situation for the taste buds and the waistline. Danisco USA Inc., Jennifer Lindsey, 800-255-6837, ext. 1271,, 

Reasons to Include Raisins

As one of the oldest dried fruits and one of the first “processed” foods, raisins have many uses--including a role in Mediterranean cuisine. Raisins are a staple of the Mediterranean diet, and this region has been the focus of interest because of the low rates of chronic diseases and high life expectancy. California raisins occupy the second tier of the Mediterranean diet pyramid in the fruits and vegetables category and are an important part of the foundation of the diet, as reflected in traditional dishes of the region. California Raisin Marketing Board, 559-248-0287,,

Zero in on Sweetness

A leading manufacturer of erythritol has branded its product line under a new name and introduced a new consumer education website. Cargill’s Zerose™ erythritol (formerly known as Eridex™ erythritol) clearly conveys to food manufacturers and consumers that the all-natural sweetener contains zero sugar, calories, aftertaste and artificial ingredients. The new website, at www.zerose, is designed to answer questions about erythritol and explain its benefits as a natural sugar alternative. Cargill, Lori Fligge, 952-742-2275,,

Excellent Emulsifier

A leading stabilizer manufacturer announced self-affirmed GRAS status for its line of modified gum emulsifiers. Based on an evaluation from an independent expert panel of scientists, TIC Gums’ TICAmulsion® line of modified acacia gums earned the GRAS status, which is advantageous for manufacturers, because it creates new opportunities to apply its superior emulsification capabilities in a wide range of foods. It also offers improved functionality because it effectively emulsifies the most difficult systems, such as those that contain oil levels of more than 10%. TIC Gums, 800-899-3953,

Gluten-free Goodness

With an estimated one in 133 Americans suffering from gluten intolerance, demand is growing for food products to expand their limited choices. Zumbro River Brand (ZRB) makes extruded crisps, cereals and snack pieces containing soy, whey, amaranth, corn, buckwheat, millet, bean and other gluten-free ingredients. As a contract manufacturer of gluten-free products, ZRB can assist in product development, production and packaging as well as maintaining an FDA-registered, kosher facility that is audited by the American Institute of Baking and the Gluten Intolerance Group. Zumbro River Brand Inc., Ginny Busch, 507-446-9097,

Shelf-stable Omega-3 Oil

An omega-3 oil for shelf-stable, heat-treated applications is now available from a rapidly growing global flavor and fine ingredients company. Frutarom USA offers Alina™, a patented plant source of omega-3 fatty acids from salvia seed that is derived through a natural extraction process. Alina offers greater stability in baked goods, bread, dairy, cereal and a wide range of beverage products such as health drinks. Frutarom USA Inc., Jennifer Czerner, 757-224-8394,,

Sunflower Power

A new light, well-rounded sunflower-based flavor enhancer is effective as a flavor base for poultry, pork, seafood and vegetable products. Part of Savoury Systems International’s expanded line of hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVP), this non-GMO product has a lower allergen response and is different from soy or wheat because of its varied protein complex. When the proteins are broken down to amino acids, a unique flavor profile is presented. Savoury Systems has also developed a complete line of HVPs,  including spray-dry and oven-dry. Savoury Systems International, Ken Eisenberg, 908-217-6797,,

Prebiotics and Neonatal Formula

A world leader in natural prebiotic ingredients has launched a long-term study to look at the effects of prebiotic-supplemented infant formula on the development of the neonatal immune system and the incidence of allergy in infants. ORAFTI Active Food Ingredients’ Beneo™ Synergy1 is the supplement involved in the study, which is part of the EARNEST project--an E.U.-funded initiative aiming to assess the importance of early nutrition on the modulation of adult disease risk. A growing body of evidence already supports the notion that early nutrition can play an important role in the prevention of disease later in life. ORAFTI Active Food Ingredients, Joseph O’Neill, 610-889-9828,

Vitamin D May Reduce Cancer Risk

Medical research reports that vitamin D may reduce the risk of several kinds of cancer. The study showed that women who took high doses of vitamin D had 60% fewer cases of blood, breast, colon and lung cancer than others. Experts caution the study, published in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition, was small and focused on older women, so more research is needed.

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Dry Dairy

A new line of spray-dried dairy flavors is being launched by a leading global food supplier. Chr. Hansen has announced the new line, which features some top sellers in the enzyme-modified dairy ingredient area, meaning well-proven flavor profiles will now be available in spray-dried form. The flavor portfolio includes sharp and aged cheddar and American cheeses, sweet cream, Parmesan and butter. One of the key features of spray-dried dairy flavors is the dairy-based carrier system that ensures all-natural, clean-label flavor while providing a more authentic dairy flavor profile. Chr. Hansen, Karen Frost, +45 41 18 52 35,,

Fruits of the Future

The nutritional benefits of wild blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, prune, tart cherry, wild bilberry and grape have all combined in a new fruit blend. FutureCeuticals’ VitaBerry® is a proprietary combination of freeze-dried whole fruit powders and extracts and provides 100% fruit antioxidants and high levels of fruit polyphenols, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, ellagic acid, chlorogenic acid and quinic acid. VitaBerry offers consumers a way to supplement their diets with an all-natural, all-fruit product that can help combat oxidative stress and resultant damage caused by free radicals. FutureCeuticals, a division of Van Drunen Farms, Alan McGuirt, 815-472-3100,,

Odorless Fish Oil

Now there is an omega-3 fish oil that is pure, tasteless and odorless. Hormel Health Technology LLC and the Specialty Products Division of Hormel Foods announce the Eterna brand of omega-3 oil that has virtually no fish odors or flavors, which are removed through a proprietary process. The new brand of fish oil is also expected to provide the best possible oxidative stability and offers effective solutions to food manufacturers needing to overcome end-user concerns related to fishy-smelling odors, poor shelflife and off-flavors. Hormel Specialty Products, Mike Buttshaw, 800-956-0399,,

Calcium Better in Diet

Which source is better: calcium-rich foods or supplements? A preliminary study by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine suggests dietary calcium might be better at protecting bone health, reports The Associated Press.

Though not definitive, the study found that women who get most of their daily calcium from food have healthier bones and higher bone density

You Can't Drink Away Hunger

Researchers Richard Mattes and Wayne Campbell, professors of food and nutrition at Purdue University, found that people who drink beverages do not register being as full as those who actually eat their calories.

In a three-day trial, 120 subjects ate a special test lunch and then could choose what they wanted for dinner. They carefully recorded their intake and feelings of hunger at certain intervals. During the second and third days, the participants were given a liquid or a solid food sample to accompany their lunch. The samples varied between being high-protein, high-carbohydrate or high-fat. After consuming them, the subjects were allowed to eat as many sandwiches as they liked and also eat dinner until they felt full.

The results, published inInternational Journal of Obesity, showed that when compared with a sandwich and water control, those who ate solid test food at lunch ate less later in the day. However, those who drank test foods during the midday meal ate more afterwards, and consumed between 12% to 20% more calories daily than when eating solids. 

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Partners in Education

An industry leader in fully cooked ethnic and specialty meats for foodservice, industrial and retail markets is funding a food science and technology graduate program scholarship at The Iowa Section of the Institute of Food Technologists at Iowa State University. Burke Corporation furthers its commitment to education and continuous improvement in food science and technology by sponsoring this fund.

Dishing out Low Density

According to a year-long clinical trial by Penn State researchers, eating smart, not eating less, may be the key to losing weight. Research shows that diets focusing on foods that are low in calorie density can promote healthy weight loss while helping to control hunger. Foods high in water and low in fat--such as fruits and vegetables, lean meats and low-fat dairy products--are low in calorie density and provide fewer calories per bite. The study has shown that choosing such foods over the long term will help more with weight loss than simply eating fewer calories. Penn State Public Information, Amitabh Avasthi, 814-865-9481,

Educational Opportunity

Members of the Research Chefs Association (RCA) can now earn one credit hour by completing a new e-learning module. The Almond Board of California has created the module specifically for RCA members. It includes valuable insights about consumers’ dining habits and their perceptions about health and wellness, as well as tips on developing nutritious and indulgent menu items. Members can find a wealth of information specific to almonds, including their value in terms of health, taste and versatility. Visit the learning module at