Luxury Low-cal Snack

In keeping with current health trends, a 200-calorie snack has much appeal. The Almond Board of California challenged food science students to develop such a snack. This year’s winning entry, Cran-Almond Treasures, created by students at Pennsylvania State University, is an indulgent, nutritious snack in the form of a cookie studded with almonds and dried cranberries, then dipped in dark chocolate. In addition to the indulgent aspects, the cookies naturally contain antioxidants, vitamin E, calcium, fiber, magnesium and potassium. Almond Board of California,

Sea(salt)-worthy Agreement

Reducing sodium without sacrificing taste just got easier. U.K.-based Low Sodium Sea Salt Company has reached an agreement with Nexcel Natural Ingredients to distribute their SOLO® brand low-sodium sea salt to food manufacturers throughout the U.S. market. The low-sodium salt has the ability to reduce sodium content by as much as 60% without sacrificing taste or functionality. Nexcel Natural Ingredients, Division of Spectrum Foods Inc., Rob Kirby, 217-391-0091, ext. 12,,

Totally Tortilla

As tortilla consumption in the U.S. continues to grow, one manufacturer has developed a variety of creative concepts to both tantalize the taste buds and address consumer demand for health and nutrition. Cargill Foods’ affiliate Horizon Milling has created tortilla prototypes that integrate traditional taste, flavor and texture with whole-grain benefits and exceptional processing performance. WheatSelect® white spring whole-wheat flour delivers the health benefits of whole-grain nutrition with the light color, soft texture and mild taste preferred by consumers. Horizon Milling (an affiliate of Cargill),

Enzyme Excitement

Three new products were highlighted at the April 2007 Supply Side East Trade Show. American Laboratories’ Ameri-Flex™ is designed for special joint care needs, while Panc-Zyme™ can be used in formulations to hydrolyze proteins such as those in meat, milk and cheeses and has application uses with nutritionals, tablets and blends. Chymotrypsin is a serine proteolytic enzyme used in many nutritional formulas. American Laboratories Inc., Lisa Hammers, 402-339-2494,

Ultra Fruits

Product development experts looking for confectionery snacks that address consumers’ desires for healthier snacks that provide vital nutrients in a convenient form need look no further. Danisco’s new line of fruit snack prototypes offers grab-and-go nutrition in a unique combination of indulgence and fortification. Created using products from the Danisco portfolio, including GRINDSTED® pectin, Danisco flavors and Litesse® Ultra™ polydextrose, the new line is designed for consumption during various parts of the day and also targets different gender and age preferences. Danisco Sweeteners, Donna Brooks, 800-255-6837, ext. 2521,,

Sweet Rewards

Consumer research shows that low-calorie foods and beverages are part of the lifestyle of millions of men and women who want to stay in good health and control their weight. NutraSweet®’s aspartame helps provide a variety of good-tasting, low-calorie products that are easily incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Benefits include sweet and clean taste, enhanced flavor and kosher/halal-certified. Premium Ingredients International, Nic Dam, 630-868-0314,

Get Smart

A leading global manufacturer of healthy ingredients provides innovative solutions to customers with nutritionally balanced, great-tasting choices for consumers. Roquette America Inc.’s Smart Calories™ solutions deliver multiple health benefits including added fiber, enriched protein and reduced sugar. Some of the items featured in their booth at the upcoming IFT show include NUTRALYS® all-natural pea protein, NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber and MALTISORB® crystalline maltitol, to name a few. Roquette America Inc., 800-553-7035,

Functional Fiber

Fighting obesity starts with low-calorie, high-fiber foodstuffs. The water-soluble acacia dietary fiber Quick Fibre™ fortifies beverages, dairy products, snacks, pastries and cereal bars that provide the body with essential elements for balanced nutrition and good digestion. The prebiotic function of Quick Fibre turns foodstuffs into functional products to promote health and wellness. At the upcoming IFT show, come try “Fresh ‘n Healthy,” the new drink with a functional kick to quench summer thirst. ALFRED L. WOLFF Inc., USA, 312-265-9889,,,

Contact Clarification

Cevena has developed a high-viscosity fiber product called Viscofiber®, derived from either oat fiber (up to 50% b-glucan concentrate) or barley (up to 60% b-glucan concentrate). Viscofiber is GRAS-approved and kosher. Viscosity is important for such health benefits as improving cholesterol levels. Below is a clarification of contact information for an article on Cevena’s Viscofiber that ran in the April 2007 Prepared Foods. For more information on Viscofiber and other Cevena products, please contact: Kristina Williams, director of marketing, Cevena Bioproducts Inc., 780-438-2812,,,  

Organic Dairy Products

An innovator in the organic market has recently earned certification as an organic processor/handler of custom-blended dairy stabilizers from Organic Crop Improvement Association International. Tate & Lyle Custom Ingredients (TLCI) continues to develop formulas and applications in support of this avenue of consumer growth for its dairy customers. Several products, including various organic ice cream and cultured products utilizing TLCI’s stabilizer blends, have been launched by TLCI’s customers. Tate & Lyle Custom Ingredients, Ferne Hudson,

Let Them Eat Cake

A convenient, easy-to-use, enzyme-based ingredient offers manufacturers an impressive range of benefits. DSM’s CakeZyme™ is a unique technological breakthrough for the cake and bakery industry that promises to enhance product quality, improve nutritional profile and reduce overall manufacturing costs. A microbial phospholipase, it enables manufacturers to use fewer eggs in their recipes and significantly enhances emulsification, resulting in lower batter density, improved batter viscosity and a delayed crumb setting. The finished product benefits from increased volume, improved crumb structure, softness and a longer shelflife. DSM Food Specialties, Teresa Sallie, 973-257-8201,

Lime's the Key

Tart and tangy, Key lime captures the essence of summer and delivers a rush of citrus flavor to countless food and beverage applications. Robertet Flavors offers a delicious selection of Key lime and other lime flavors that are natural and blend well with other fruit flavors. Available in Key Lime Flavor, Key Lime Pie Flavor and Lime Flavor, the applications include beverage, dairy, pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals, syrups, yogurt, ice cream, sorbet and more. Robertet Flavors, Gretchen Schleck, 732-981-8300,, 

All Aboard!

Visitors to the 2007 IFT show will have an opportunity to explore the breadth of texture possibilities via an innovative demonstration. National Starch Food Innovation will showcase its texture expertise and the important and potential impact texture has on bakery, dairy, ready meal and beverage products. In addition to sampling an array of culinary prototypes, visitors can experience the Texture Demonstration Station. National Starch Food Innovation, David Manion, 908-685-5395,,

Ingredient Allies

Two companies, one with its expertise in the dietary supplement market and the other focused on high-intensity and bulk sweeteners, have formed a strategic alliance. Novel Ingredient Services and The Ingredient House are committed to providing secure overall support services and quality in order to meet the objective of lowering production costs for manufacturers. High demand for low-cost, country-sourced ingredients has spurred this partnership, which should benefit both companies’ customer bases. The Ingredient House, Rudi van Mol, 609-279-0170,


A leading importer of organic ultra-pure foods is currently developing revolutionary processing technologies to enhance the nutritional power of popular new “superfruits” such as mangosteen, goji berries and acai, which are already famous for their highly nutritious content. Essential Living Foods’ proprietary process, developed in conjunction with NanoSpheRx, uses a patented nano-stability technology to significantly increase both shelflife and bioavailability of the nutrients in powdered raw materials. These raw, organic powders absorb more effectively in the body and dissolve more easily into drinks and food blends. Essential Living Foods, Jennifer Hoffman, 310-571-3272, ext.105,

Bring on the Carbs and Protein

A nutrition technology company has released the results of five new studies that demonstrate the benefits of carbohydrate-protein sports drinks and energy gels. The results, from Pacific Health Laboratories, show that in studies involving athletes in sports such as running, cycling and swimming, those who consumed either a carbohydrate-protein sports drink or gel showed significantly improved performance. Muscle damage and post-exercise muscle soreness was markedly decreased, while muscle function was increased. Benefits such as greater endurance, superior hydration, increased exercise intensity and faster recovery were also reported.

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Good Frying News

A new formulation has the ability to protect edible and frying oils from rancidity. Vitiva, Slovenia, introduces its INOLENS® 4 line, which offers all-natural protection and prevents changes in taste, odor and color while significantly extending product shelflife.  The product is suitable for a wide range of food applications, is allergen-free and can be utilized with many types of oils. Vitiva, Dushka Dimitrijevic, +386 2 1788 87 38,