December 3, 2007/Israel/Prepared FoodsMagazine -- Solbar Industries Ltd. has announced a management restructure effective January 1, 2008, two months after Shaul Shelach is appointed CEO, to strengthen sales efforts and invest in business development.

"We believe that the new organizational structure will help management take the necessary steps to lead the company in the coming years," explains Shaul Shelach, Solbar's newly appointed CEO. “By developing the protein business as part of Solbar's overall strategy, we expect to achieve a competitive advantage based upon the unique characteristics which Solbar brings to the global soy market."

Major changes will include:
Assaf Gadish, who managed operations and supply chain, was appointed vice president of sales and supply chain. Gadish will be responsible for sales of soy proteins and commodities (meal and oil), as well as procurement of soybeans. Soy protein sales will be separated from marketing and development.

Gary Brenner, who managed marketing and sales of soy proteins for many years, was appointed vice president of marketing and development, with focus also on soy isoflavones. Brenner's experience and knowledge of the world of soy will serve to lead the implementation of Solbar's strategy, as well as new business development.

Onn Oren, Ashdod plant manager, was appointed manager of operations, responsible for all the company's facilities in Israel. Oren will report directly to Solbar's CEO.

Adi Mizrahi (CFO), Liron Reshef (human resources manager) and Trevor Meredith (chief technologist) will continue to serve in their positions, with no changes.

Yossi Gohary, general manager Solbar Ningbo Food Co. Ltd., operating in China, will report directly to Solbar's CEO. The company's China sales Team will report to Solbar Ningbo.

Other company units will continue to operate without any change.

From the December 3, 2007, Prepared Foods e-Flash