Chocolate confectionery is quickly becoming a category similar to wine, where the different variants and subtleties in flavor and texture are discussed at great lengths among epicurean circles in order to establish the category as more gourmet. According to Japanese company Morinaga, the ideal temperature to enjoy its Dars brand white chocolate is 22°C, and a temperature sensor has been included on the box to easily signal to consumers when the chocolate is at the right temperature. The sensor becomes pink when at 22°C; it goes paler and whiter when it is over 25°C, and purple if it is lower than 19°C. This visual chart is easily accessible on top of the box and aims to help consumers get the most out of their experience. Morinaga believes consumers will have the best sensation and texture in the mouth when the chocolate is at 22-24°C, so this temperature sensor should help them achieve the most optimal chocolate tasting.

Planting a tree when a baby is born and seeing it grow with the individual is an old custom present across many cultures, helping to celebrate life. In France, a baby formula from the Laboratoires Guigoz now allows parents of newborns to recreate this tradition, as the container features a link to a website that lets consumers fill out a form in order to have a tree planted in the name of the newborn baby, in collaboration with theOffice National des Forêts(National Forest Office), a government organization which oversees planning for the regeneration and maintenance of forests. Consumers who have filled out the online form get a certificate specifying the species of tree to be planted and the forest where it will be located.

Sometimes, something as simple as relaxing is difficult--when consumers finally have time to sit down, their minds will still be racing with thoughts about the days ahead. In Mexico, Nestlé launched Nestea Moods--a range of iced tea mixes in convenient single-serve sachets, with the perfect quantity for a standard 500ml bottle of water. The “moods” in the product's name include: relaxing, purifying and energizing. All products are green tea-based and include other plant extracts to help achieve the mood. The relaxing variant is formulated with green tea and chamomile and has an apple flavor; the purifying one has a lime and lemon flavor and green tea extracts; and finally, the energizing variety, with a red fruits flavor, is formulated with green tea and ginseng.