A product targeting specific demographic groups is something of a tradition for manufacturers in the global consumer packaged goods world. Lately, there has been an influx in products targeting women, both broadly and also on a more segmented level--expectant mothers or older women, for instance.

Food and drinks aimed at women tend to focus on a few familiar benefits, namely health issues (especially weight control) and, more recently, added-value beauty benefits. Some niche products also have targeted pregnant women. Within the cereal bar market, the focus is mostly on health, fitness and weight control, although there have been a few niche lines for pregnant women. Now, a new cereal bar range in the U.K. and Ireland has taken an even more specialized approach with its targeting, aiming for busy moms. Organix Mum's Organic Fruit & Seed Bars claim to nourish the body and keep energy levels high--much-needed benefits when looking after young children. The new range has been launched under a leading U.K. baby food brand, Organix, not only giving the product a head start but also providing a logical step for the company to move from baby/toddler food to targeting mothers. The cereal bars are supported by a new website featuring nutritional information, a blog, a public forum and advice for mothers and pregnant women. The Organix brand is well-respected in the U.K. baby food market, with its familiar "No Junk Promise" tag line (a promise that foods will never contain any artificial additives) that speaks to a growing consumer concern. The product’s health credentials are also strong, as the bars are clearly described on pack as “a natural source of antioxidants, fiber and omega oils.” The pack also further details the bars are made with 66% fruit and seeds (giving details of the fruits and seeds and what nutrients they contain), without added sugar and with whole-grain goodness. On-pack copy and imagery clearly align the product with its target audience: an image of a mother holding a child and a message promising “maximum nourishment for busy mums.” This concept is interesting and applicable across categories. Stonyfield Farm in the U.S. recently launched the YoMommy line of yogurt, an extension of its highly successful YoBaby line.