Caffeine has been associated with some health problems, and many consumers often try to cut back consumption in a bid to become healthier and less dependent on its stimulating properties. Company Red Espresso has introduced an option for consumers seeking a caffeine-free beverage. Red Espresso comes in a resealable pouch that contains rooibos tea ground like a coffee, making it usable for different coffee or espresso machines. The resulting drink is a dark red liquid with a strong, nutty flavor. Different preparation methods are suggested on the pack and the company's website, allowing consumers to prepare both hot and cold drinks such as red cappuccino, red latte or even a simple iced tea made from apple juice mixed with the rooibos tea.

Indigenous to South Africa and still relatively new in some markets, red tea is known for its high-antioxidant content (more than green tea) and caffeine-free composition.