Globally, increased awareness of the causes behind heart attacks and strokes has put heart health at the forefront of consumers’ minds. The Blood Pressure Association states that one in three adults in the U.K. has high blood pressure, which greatly increases the risk of serious health problems. Recognizing the importance of educating consumers about the consequences of poor eating habits, U.K.-based James White launched an organic beetroot juice under the catchy and original brand name Heart Beet. Known in the U.K. for its farm-pressed apple juices, James White has extended its offerings with the organic beetroot juice positioned to lower the body’s blood pressure. Heart Beet contains high levels of nitrate that, according to some health studies quoted on the company’s website, can serve as a natural aspirin to help prevent blood clotting and protect the lining of blood vessels, in addition to lowering blood pressure. Manufactured with organically grown crushed beetroots and apples, Heart Beet is free of concentrates and preservatives.

Consumers are taking a more active approach to eat healthier and integrate fruits and vegetables into their diets. In the U.K., The Food Doctor is aiming to help these individuals improve their intake of such beneficial ingredients with the Herb Salad Booster, positioned as “Changing the way you eat for good!” Made from seeds, chopped almonds, Brazil nuts and dried coriander flakes, this herb mix serves as a supplement to any type of salad for an added nutrient boost. Herb Salad Booster delivers significant counts of dietary fiber, essential fatty acids and protein in accordance with the product’s functionality that supports a healthy digestive system and balances blood sugar levels. Also available in The Food Doctor’s Boost range are the Stir-Fry Boost Spicy Seed Mix variety, a spicy seed mix with nibbed nuts and herbs; and the Omega Soup Booster, an omega seed mix. This Herb Salad Booster comes packaged in a flexible, stand-up pouch, and its contents are gluten- and lactose-free.