The U.K.’s big house retailer, ASDA, contributed to other food manufacturers’ efforts for creating cake mixes that reduce preparation time by launching its own shake and bake cake mix. Called Shake To Bake, the product is creatively packaged in a 210g plastic tub that just requires the addition of milk to create fairy cake batter (otherwise known as cupcake batter in the U.S.). Upon adding milk to the mix, consumers give the plastic tub a simple shake, and the batter is ready to bake in the oven. This type of shakable format is noteworthy because, while it provides consumers with a hands-on experience for participating in the baking process, the preparation effort is minimal. Shake To Bake is also appealing for eliminating the need to use a mixing bowl, utensils and other kitchen appliances that can be a hassle to clean. This cake mix’s affordable retail price of $2.82 (paired with milk as its only extra ingredient) presents consumers with a very affordable option, especially to those cutting back on miscellaneous food costs. For added convenience, Shake To Bake comes packaged with paper cups and a sachet of ready-made frosting.

A niche maker of functional beverages, MD Drinks recently unveiled its Brainiac variant to Canada in a Carambola Punch flavor. MD Drinks was developed by an unexpected trio of professionals: an orthopedic surgeon, a film producer and a corporate strategist. The three wanted to improve the quality of life for others and accordingly developed the Function Drinks line. In general, beverages designed to deliver functionality are by no means new; however, the Brainiac beverage stands out because it contains the dietary supplement,ginkgo biloba. Health studies reveal theginkgo bilobaleaf improves cognitive functioning. Consumers looking to supplements that improve their mental clarity have long relied on this ingredient. Now that a drink has launched with the extract, those aiming to improve their brain health can consume it in a tastier, more enjoyable format.

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