Campbell’s Reduces Sodium in Soup for Children

January 14/Biotech Law Weekly -- Campbell Soup Company reformulated its 12 Campbell's Kids soups, reformulated to contain 480mg of sodium per serving. Now popular favorites like Campbell's Chicken & Stars, Double Noodle and Chicken NoodleO's soups meet the government criteria for healthy foods controlled for fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium and being a good source of a positive nutrient like vitamin A.

The newly reformulated soups are the latest to come to market as part of Campbell's ongoing commitment to wellness, for a total of 78 soups in the portfolio at the healthy levels for sodium. By leveraging a combination of unique, lower-sodium natural sea salt and expertise in flavor design, Campbell has been able to deliver lower-sodium options without sacrificing taste.

"We know how important it is for mom to feel good about what she serves her family, so reducing the sodium in our kids soup to the healthy level has been a top priority for Campbell," said Eric Christianson, director, Campbell's Condensed Soup. "We take pride in the fact we re able to provide foods that deliver good nutrition moms want and great taste kids love. Nutrition Experts Say: Take Your Soup to School Jodie Shield, registered dietitian and co-author of Healthy Eating for Kids: How Your Children Can Eat Smart from 5-12, says start the year off right by adding kids soup for lunch. January is not only cold for much of the country; it's also National Soup Month so it's the perfect time."

"Kids spend most of their day in school, so making sure they are fueled with a healthier lunch is important to keep them going throughout the day," says Shield. "Add Campbell's Kids soups in an insulated container and you'll know they re getting a warm, filling, nutritious lunch that they will enjoy, and are less likely to swap for something else as kids often do at lunchtime."

The newly reformulated Campbell's Kids soups contain 110 calories or less, 3g fat or less, 0g trans fat, 480mg sodium and are a good source of vitamin A (per one cup serving prepared). Plus, none of the soups contain MSG, preservatives or artificial flavors. Varieties include: Campbell's Chicken & Stars soup Campbell's Double Noodle soup Campbell's Chicken NoodleO's soup Campbell's Disney Princess soup Campbell's Cars soup Campbell's Shrek soup Campbell's Dora the Explorer soup Campbell's Mega Noodle soup Campbell's Chicken Alphabet soup Campbell's Curly Noodle soup Campbell's Goldfish Pasta soup Campbell's Goldfish Pasta and Meatball soup.

From the January 19, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition