On the Street - Hilton Soy Foods' SoyButter Replaces Peanut Butter

Manufacturers now have a “same taste,” one-to-one substitute that can be used to replace peanuts and peanut butter in virtually any kind of product. Never before has there been a product that tastes, smells and looks just like peanut butter—until now, says its supplier, Hilton Soy Foods. Due to the growing prevalence of kids with severe allergic reactions to peanuts, some schools are banning students from bringing any peanut or peanut butter products to school. In addition, the food-safety concerns and negative perceptions resulting from the recent peanut salmonella problems have heightened public awareness and caution. Hilton’s innovative peanut butter-like SoyButter can solve both issues.

Hilton Soy Foods has created a safe and healthy solution for manufacturers who want to make a variety of safe and peanut-free products with a peanut-like taste. Hilton SoyButter is all natural and contains no fillers. It is made from gently roasted, non-GMO soy sustainably grown and produced in Ontario. SoyButter is produced in a stainless steel, closed-loop system that assures food safety and quality, and it prevents microbiological contamination. Hilton Soy Foods claims soybeans are naturally safer than peanuts, since they are grown above ground and harvested dry vs. peanuts, which grow underground and are harvested moist, says the company. SoyButter has a nutritional advantage over peanut butter, also, since soy is considered to be a complete protein and contains a naturally balanced blend of healthy omega-3 and –6, plus nine essential oils. Hilton Soy Foods, 734-973-0778, www.soybutter.com

From the March 30, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition