On the Street -- Ocean Spray Highlights Multiple Health Benefits in Campaign

Ocean Spray’s Ingredient Technology Group is launching a new health marketing campaign for its cranberry ingredient portfolio. Highlighting the multi-faceted nutritional profile of the North American cranberry, the “One berry, Whole body”™ campaign promotes a holistic view of the cranberry’s role in improving well-being. It aims to help manufacturers understand the wide scope of cranberries’ health benefits, so they can develop a clear consumer positioning for food and drink products containing cranberry.

Taking the debate beyond Superfruit rivalry and ORAC value claims, “One berry, Whole body” is supported by decades of science highlighting the cranberry’s whole-body health credentials, says the company. The cranberry is traditionally known for its role in preventing urinary tract infections, but emerging research suggests the fruit also has health potential throughout the body, including cardiovascular, immune, cellular, oral and gastrointestinal health.

These whole-body benefits are derived from the fruit’s dual antioxidant and anti-adhesion mechanism. Unique A-linked compounds, called proanthocyanidins (PACs), prevent bacteria from adhering to cell walls and removing the potential to cause infection, while the high antioxidant content helps fight free-radicals that can damage cells throughout the body. With a rich combination of other nutrients, such as fiber, vitamin C and quercetin, the cranberry offers truly multidimensional health benefits.

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From the May 11, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition