In today’s sedentary world, excess fat is a source of calories that consumers generally do not want to consume. Simply taking the fat out of a formulation is impossible, because an incomplete food remains. Ingredients that replace the fat must maintain the structure and stability of the food, as well as the attributes consumers want.

Grain Processing Corporation has a line of maltodextrin and corn syrup solids food ingredients, called MALTRIN®, that can partially replace fat in many food formulations. Different dextrose equivalents and particle sizes meet the needs for a variety of applications. Maltodextrins are shorter chain carbohydrate polymers (hydrolyzed cornstarch) that provide only 4Kcal/g, rather than the 9Kcal/g from large fat molecules. MALTRIN is sold and can be used as a dry powder, but also easily hydrates to make a 25-35% solution with only 1 or 1.3 Kcal/g. Its GRAS status in the U.S. and Canada and friendly label terms (maltodextrin) simplify the change of ingredient. When fat is removed from a food, some optimization of the formulation will be required; less emulsifier and fewer flavors will be needed. Additional stabilization of the food system can be obtained with PURE-GEL®, PURE-COTE® and INSCOSITY® starches (also from Grain Processing).

In large part, both spoonable and pourable salad dressings are made up of a high percentage of vegetable oil. Replacing most of the oil with maltodextrin results in significant calorie reduction, while maintaining the consistency and appearance desired in this harsh, low-pH environment; another advantage is a long refrigerator shelflife. The lower dextrose equivalent (DE) products exhibit a fat-like lubricity and provide enhanced body and cling. PURE-GEL starches are utilized to adjust the final texture of a spoonable salad dressing paste. INSCOSITY, a cold water-swelling cornstarch, can build viscosity, mouthfeel and body, while suspending particulates in pourable dressings.

 High-quality dairy products, like ice cream and soft serve, can be made low-fat or no-fat by reducing or replacing the milk fat with MALTRIN. The body and creamy texture of the ice cream will be preserved, along with a clean taste, and little or no impact on sweetness. Additionally, the freezing point is not affected, and it helps to control large ice crystal formation. MALTRIN maltodextrins and corn syrup solids are extensively utilized as spray-drying aids for cheese powders and coffee whiteners.

MALTRIN maltodextrins enhance texture and tenderness in baked goods, like muffins, cakes or cookies. In frostings, glazes and fruit fillings, maltodextrins and corn syrup solids help to build solids, control sweetness and inhibit sugar crystallization. The final product texture and crumb structure will be similar to the full-fat version.

MALTRIN maltodextrins are easily used to replace most, if not all, the fat in many food products. The readily digestible carbohydrates provide the structure needed for the characteristics of traditionally high-fat salad dressings, dairy products (ice cream, coffee whiteners, pudding, etc.) and baked goods. With the addition of a small amount of PURE-GEL starches, final product consistency, mouthfeel, texture, appearance and shelf- life are maintained. The biggest noticeable change with MALTRIN use is positive, in the nutrition facts 

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