Pepperidge Farm Slashing Sodium

September 20/Camden, N.J./Business Wire -- Campbell Soup Company announced that its Pepperidge Farm division will further reduce sodium across its portfolio of 84 breads, rolls and bagels. By February 2011, 80% (69 varieties) of these Pepperidge Farm products will be at least 25% lower in sodium than regular breads, rolls and bagels -- a significant achievement given that salt not only adds flavor to baked goods but also affects texture and color.

Campbell claims it is leading the food industry in sodium reduction efforts, "building on decades of work to reduce the sodium content of its products while maintaining great taste."

"As part of our focus on health and wellness, we have made sodium reduction a top priority at Campbell for many years," said Douglas R. Conant, president and chief executive officer of Campbell Soup Company. "We pride ourselves on our industry-leading efforts to lower sodium while ensuring great taste and quality, and we will continue to seek ways to reduce sodium across our portfolio of baked snacks, healthy beverages and simple meals."

"The best thing about Pepperidge Farm breads in which we've reduced sodium is that they taste every bit as great as they always did," said Pat Callaghan, president, Pepperidge Farm. "By building on Campbell's experience in using lower sodium natural sea salt in recipe development, we have been able to reduce sodium in many products so people can enjoy the whole grains, fiber and taste they want, but with less sodium."

Breads are one of the top sources of fiber and whole grains in the American diet. But according to the recent scientific report of the 2010 U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, nearly 95% of Americans are missing the mark when it comes to whole grains -- a problematic shortfall since eating whole grains can help protect against heart disease and is associated with lower body weight.

More than 40 Pepperidge Farm breads meet Food & Drug Administration (FDA) standards as good or excellent sources of fiber or provide at least half a serving of whole grains in one slice. Plus, nearly two dozen Pepperidge Farm breads are certified by the American Heart Association-meeting exacting criteria to display the AHA heart-check mark on packages.

In addition to Pepperidge Farm breads, Campbell has reduced sodium across its portfolio, including many of its soups and the entire lines of V8 juices, Prego Italian sauces and SpaghettiOs pastas. Campbell makes more than 200 reduced-sodium products-an eight-fold increase compared to just five years ago, when the company offered 25 reduced-sodium products.

From the October 4, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition