Kraft Foods extended its Jell-O brand’s sugar-free range with three new antioxidant-rich flavorings: Açaí, Raspberry Goji and Wolfberry. Kraft capitalizes on the thriving Superfruit trend in a very clear attempt to market these Jell-O variants as a permissible treat for health-conscious women. Gelatin is mostly viewed as a snack for children, and Jell-O is one brand in particular that has long marketed its products as a healthy snack for mothers to give to their children. More recently, the brand has broadened its consumer base, with the low-carb trend in the early part of this decade and its sponsorship of NBC’sThe Biggest Loserfor purposes of targeting more adults. With low-carb diets no longer in vogue, pursuing the Superfruit stance was a logical next step for Jell-O. Though Superfruits are emerging in nearly every product group--from toothpaste to jelly beans--this is one of the first instances where Superfruits have appeared in the gelatin market, placing the Jell-O ahead of its competitors in terms of innovative formulations.

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