The concept of blending dry mixes to create frozen cocktails has unexpectedly moved into the frozen yogurt smoothies area. In the U.S., Yogurt Technologies launched its Shake it Alive! frozen yogurt smoothie mix. The dry mix powder is made with organic and all-natural ingredients, real fruit extracts and live yogurt cultures, and is free from additives and preservatives to support its “made-from-scratch” positioning tied to taste. Each carton of Shake it Alive! contains four 3oz pouches of the product. Consumers are instructed to add water to the pouch, shake the pack, place it in the freezer for 3-4 hours, and then the frozen yogurt smoothie is ready to drink. Yogurt Technologies’ frozen yogurt smoothie mix is available in four flavors of Strawberry-Banana, Piña Colada, Very Berry and Orange-Mango.

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