On the Street -- Solae Europe Introduces SPI

November 17/Frankfurt, Germany/PRNewswire -- Solae LLC is introducing another breakthrough ingredient - SUPRO XF - in Europe. This soy protein isolate from Solae uses proprietary technology to enhance the flavor and functionality for ready-to-drink and powder beverages. Earlier this year, Solae launched SUPRO XF in the United States.

"As the industry leader, Solae has invested in strong science-based research and development strategies, and continues to invest in health and nutrition," said Torkel Rhenman, CEO -- Solae. "This enables us to develop exciting new ingredients, such as SUPRO XF, that deliver quality, great-tasting products for our customers and the end consumer."

"SUPRO XF is unique in that it can enable higher inclusion levels of soy protein in beverages while delivering great taste," said Reinhart Schmitt, Vice President -- Solae Europe.

From the November 23, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition