There is a large gap between recommended and actual intakes of omega-3 fatty acids. Most dietetic associations, such as The Dieticians of Canada and the American Dietetics Association, recommend some 500mg daily of EPA/DHA. In the Netherlands, the recommendation for intake is 450mg EPA/DHA daily, yet the present intake is about 84mg/day for women and about 103mg/day for men.

As omega-3 fatty acids are well-known for their formulation challenges, such as poor stability, poor smell and taste, Lipid Nutrition, experts in nutritional lipids, saw it as their job to provide a solution. Marinol® Omega-3 formulation system was developed using a natural, enzyme-based manufacturing process that makes the omega-3s more stable and prevents odors and off-flavors from developing.

The Marinol complete formulation system is designed so that there is a Marinol product for every intended application. Additionally, different ratios of EPA and/or DHA are available in order to provide specific health benefits and, possibly, meet a target health or nutrient content claim. The range includes ingredients such as Marinol Oil (easy to blend and for foods with a high fat content), Marinol HS (high stability) Powder (microcapsules for foods with high dry matter) and Marinol Emulsion (a new, versatile ingredient for many food applications, such as dairy products and beverages). Marinol Oils and Powders have comparable stability. The oil is generally the more economical choice, while powders work well in emulsified systems.

Marinol Omega-3 Emulsion contains, at minimum, 153mg/g DHA plus EPA. The higher concentration of these key omega-3 fatty acids allows for lower overall use of the ingredient in a formula. This results in a better-tasting, highly stable end-product that can more easily obtain a potential health claim.

“Marinol HS Powder, Oil and Emulsion can be integrated into foods that everyone eats and enjoys on a day-to-day basis; for instance, in milk  for children or convenient breakfast drinks for the older populations,” says Patrick Luchsinger, North American marketing manager for Lipid Nutrition. Other food applications in which Marinol can be used include fruit beverages and dairy products; margarines and dairy spreads; frozen desserts and ice cream novelties; fish cakes, sticks and fillets; yogurts and yogurt beverages; soups, pastas and pasta sauces; and processed meats, cereals, breads, cookies and crackers.

The company notes it can back up its claims with sound scientific information and research results, which means food and nutrition companies will be able to do so as well. pf

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