MGPI Enhances Website

February 14/Atchison, Kan./MGP Ingredients Press Release -- MGP Ingredients Inc. launched a newly designed website to "strengthen online communications capabilities as an essential part of the company’s digital and overall business model strategy."  The reconstructed site, which can be accessed at, promises to provide a more comprehensive and interactive venue for reaching out to new and existing customers, as well as making the user experience more beneficial and satisfying, the company notes.  It also contains enhanced components that address specific informational needs of other key constituencies, including stockholders, career applicants and business partners.

“The company’s new website has been designed to serve as a more effective tool for digitally branding MGPI and serving the informational needs of customers and other key stakeholders,” said Steve Pickman, vice president of corporate relations.  “We intend for users to find the site’s updated contents and navigational devices to be highly beneficial, appealing and convenient.  Likewise, the site should support a stronger presence for the company by helping increase awareness of who we are and the types of high quality, value-added products we provide, especially among existing and potential customers in the consumer packaged goods industry.”

Pickman added, “As opposed to a static medium, we view the new site as a living organism that will constantly evolve through updates, user-driven requirements and technological advancements.  Electronic communications continue to gain greater and greater significance in our global society, so it is imperative that we strive to keep up with the pace of change in the way people and businesses interact and exchange information.”

Development of the new site was begun by MGPI’s corporate relations department this past August in collaboration with the Acquity Group, a web strategy and design firm.  Several individuals and departments across the company also provided input and assistance during the site development process.  With approximately 60% more content than the previous site, MGPI considers it to be not only more informative, but also more user-friendly, more measureable insofar as tracking hits and visitor information, more manageable internally and more visually pleasing to visitors.

"We are excited to have completed the first phase of what is a much more comprehensive digital communications strategy, which in the future will include an enhanced company intranet site and the creation of an extranet site tailored to provide increased tools and uses specifically for customers," said Shanae Randolph, corporate director of communications.  "This strategy has provided us with a roadmap for better serving our customers in the digital space, as well as assisting the company in reaching its goals and objectives through innovative and evolving communications mediums."

From the February 21, 2011, Prepared Foods E-dition