February 1, 2011/Prepared FoodsMagazine -- Sensient Flavors has announced its flavor trend predictions for 2011. The list was developed using Sensient's proprietary trend framework, which filters trends from the broad, macro level down to the flavors themselves and encompasses flavors inspired from multiple macro trends, including health and wellness, sensory and personalization. The trend predictions include aguaji, berbere, borojo, Ceylon cinnamon, cherimoya, grains of paradise, hibiscus, pandan, yacon and yumberry. Sensient Flavors LLC, 800-445-0073, flavors@sensient-tech.com Vision of Flavors. Comax Flavors' "FlavorVision" for 2011 is a culmination of FlavorLab predictions and culinary trend-exchange data gathered all year long. This year, the focus is on three distinct, innovative flavor groups:  those that give consumers irresistible motivation to try something different; those that offer an invitation to explore new cuisines with provocative flavor combinations; and those that spark pleasant, comforting memories. The latter includes such flavors as pumpkin pie and gingerbread, and is termed "Homespun" by the FlavorLab. "Soft Exotics" represent familiar flavors, but those that are presented with a unique twist, such as young coconut or orange caramel. The "Take-me-away" flavors give the consumer permission to explore new territories with flavors such as Manila mango, Seville orange or Chinese five-spice. Comax Flavors, www.comaxflavors.com