April 14/MicroThermics -- MicroThermics Inc. won the 2011 IFT Industrial Achievement Award for its Direct/Indirect UHT/HTST Processor and associated software.

Using True Production Process Technology™, MicroThermics’ lab processors enable products to be developed faster, at lower costs, than traditional methods, the company assures. With this equipment, researchers evaluate the effects of virtually any continuous process on their products.  By reducing failed plant trials, and incorporating the process into product development, companies may reduce their R&D costs and get products to market faster. 

The DIPW processor combines indirect & steam injection processing (with vacuum cooling) into one machine, enabling researchers to evaluate the effects of either style process on product quality and fouling. In addition to its multiple heating & cooling styles, it also has a unique central connection panel and a hold tube bank providing unparalleled flexibility. Additionally, it works with any of their options including Touch-screen PLC Control & Data Logging Package, Plate Heat Exchangers, In-Line Homogenizer, Ultra-Clean Filler, more.  Congratulations are in order for an innovatively designed piece of equipment and process technology that has dramatically improved how product development is done.

From the May 2, 2011, Prepared Foods E-dition