TIC Gums has introduced FASTir®Xanthan Gum EC for food companies in North America. The innovation FASTir Xanthan EC embodies is a stable supply of highly dispersible, fast-drying, consistent-quality xanthan. FASTir Xanthan EC was developed using the company’s latest, patent-pending manufacturing process and enables a secure supply of xanthan—with documented and fixed performance, according to the company. FASTir Xanthan EC is a high-quality alternative, when other sources are priced too high, difficult to come by, or both. Final production and shipment of FASTir Xanthan EC is from the U.S. East Coast, making order fulfillment weeks shorter than with supplies originating outside the U.S.  TIC Gums, 410-273-7300, ext. 3425, www.ticgums.compf