June 2011Prepared Foods – Biorigin’s IFT booth #6921 offered conventioneers a taste of local New Orleans cuisine, with the company’s natural ingredient product lines—yeast extract and taste enhancers—applied in products with local Creole and Cajun flavors. In addition to enhancing the taste of foods, Biorigin ingredients can be used to reduce sodium levels in the final product, says the company, in keeping with the healthy trend toward sodium reduction in foods and beverages. Biotaste Meat, a new, autolyzed yeast that provides a mild, meat taste and toasted notes to a wide variety of applications, was also featured. The line includes other natural ingredients to enhance the flavors of chicken, beef and add toasted notes. All Biorigin products are natural, clean label, GMO- and allergen-free, and are certified kosher and halal. Biorigin US, 502-719-0140, http://tinyurl.com/3dlap3fpf