February 2012/Prepared Foods -- D.D. Williamson (DDW) has launched a new series to help food scientists, chemists, students, professors, managers and others in the food and beverage industry stay informed, grow their business and expand into untapped markets. The new Expert Answers series answers questions, provides relevant industry information and features a combination of video interviews, articles and transcripts sharing the knowledge of leading food and beverage industry experts, both inside and outside DDW. The short video and upcoming article format lets viewers easily share interesting information with colleagues, friends, students or anyone else who might be interested. From color trends to regulatory information, the Expert Answers Video Series provides brief, focused interviews with experts; new interviews will be added on a regular basis. To view the current collection of DDW Expert Answers interviews, visit http://www.ddwilliamson.com/expertanswers. D.D. Williamson,www.ddwcolor.compf