A cooking revolution is on the rise with some of the latest trends in pre-packaged, versatile spreads that can be added to recipes to continuously invoke mouth-watering tastes while cutting time in the kitchen. Twisted Foods (www.twistedfoods.com) introduces Twisted Butter, a spreadable blend of salted butter, canola oil and all-natural ingredients in six versatile flavors. J&D’s Foods LLC’s (www.baconnaise.com) Baconnaise provides the taste folks crave without the guilt, making bacon easy to add via easy spread format. Future Food Brands Co.’s (www.saladsofthesea.com) Salads of the Sea make it a snap for seafood lovers to make a nautical feast with flavored spreads and dips in salmon, bacon-crab or other luscious flavors. Always a staple in recipes, using cream cheese gets even easier with Kraft Brands Inc.’s (www.kraftbrands.com) Philadelphia Cooking Cream—easy to melt and spoon, there are seven smooth, flavorful creams to add to side dishes or spreads. Lastly, Midtown Olive Press Oils and Vinegars Inc. (www.midtownolivepress.com) allow consumers to enjoy the fresh taste and health benefits of high-quality oils and vinegars to be used alone or mixed together, in flavors such as Blood Orange, Organic Tarragon and others.