January 30/Newton, Mass./Marketwire -- Restaurant Sciences, a provider of restaurant industry information and analytics based on individual guest checks, released a study on 2012's biggest market share gainers and losers. Restaurant Sciences unveiled 2012 spirits trends after analyzing more than 25 million drink orders at U.S. restaurants, bars and nightclubs with full liquor licenses throughout 2011 and 2012.

The biggest winners for 2012 were flavored vodkas, digestifs and Irish whiskey with market share gains of 3.04%, 1.48% and .98%, respectively. The biggest losers for 2012 were rum, gin and tequila with market share losses of 3.89%, 2.60%and 2.28%,respectively.

"Restaurant Sciences' data shows that vodka drinks have a combined market share of more than 30%; although in 2012 flavored vodkas ate into regular vodka's market share," said Chuck Ellis, president of Restaurant Sciences. "Our 2012 data shows that consumers moved away from traditional spirit staples such as rum, tequila and gin and looked to lesser known digestifs, blended whiskeys, and flavored vodkas and rums."

"Restaurant Sciences' study mirrors our 2012 bar trends, as more customers selected our Espresso Martini drink made with vanilla-flavored vodka," said Teddy Newcomer, vice president of operations and corporate beverage manager for Chow Fun Food Group. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, Chow Fun Food Group operates a number of Rhode Island's most popular restaurants including XO Café, Ten Prime Steak & Sushi, Rick's Roadhouse, Luxe Burger Bar, and Harry's Bar & Burger.

Restaurant Sciences sampled 25 million drink orders; all values shown have a standard error of less than 1%.