Tillamook Cheese in body

January 31/Tillamook, Ore. -- Tillamook Cheese has announced a pair of additions to its line.

Among its Muenster lineup, the company has added a 12oz slice stack flavor extension, promising a creamy, slightly salty, mild cheese with an orange rind.
The company assures it is easy to melt and is made from cow’s milk and further notes that most Muensters in the marketplace today are colored Monterey Jack.

Tillamook also extended its white cheddar line with a 9-Month Sharp White Cheddar. Aged nine months, this cheese promises a nutty rich flavor that strikes the perfect  balance of creaminess and tang. White cheddar, Tillamook notes, is unique and harder to find in the dairy or deli case. Geographically white cheddar is common in the Northeast. Yellow cheddar is more common in the Midwest, Southwest and southeast markets.