Inventure Foods, Inc. introduced its licensed line of Jamba® At-Home smoothie kits to grocery store freezers five years ago, and in doing so redefined the notion of convenient homemade smoothies. Today, the company advances the At-Home line with the introduction of a certified-organic variety sold in a multi-serve, club store format. Jamba® At-Home Organic Strawberries Wild® will be sold in 32-ounce packages comprised of four, individual eight-ounce pouches. When prepared as directed, each package will provide a total of eight individual eight-ounce smoothies. 


Organic Strawberries Wild® appears in Sam's Club locations nationwide this week with a suggested retail price of $9.88 per bag.

Organic Strawberries Wild® combines organic strawberries, organic non-fat yogurt, organic bananas and a naturally occurring antioxidant boost of vitamin C to provide a gluten-free smoothie that is as tasty as it is nutritious. Each eight-ounce glass of prepared smoothie features just 100 calories. In addition, each glass provides 100 percent of the daily value of vitamin C while providing one full serving of fruit.

"Since day one, our Jamba smoothie kits have packaged great taste with nutrition, convenience and affordability," said Dan Hammer, senior vice president and general manager of the frozen division at Inventure Foods. "Our new Organic Strawberries Wild provides incredible value to our existing consumers while opening the door to organic consumers who may not have tried us in the past, so we're excited by the possibilities."

Organic Strawberries Wild® may be the first organic offering in the Jamba At-Home smoothie line, but it joins a number of existing blend-at-home varieties that have traveled from the retail menu to the grocery store freezer. Additional smoothie flavors include Strawberries Wild®, Mango-a-Go-Go®, Razzmatazz®, Caribbean Passion®, Orange Dream Machine®, Red Fusion™, Green Fusion™ and Blue Fusion™.