March 21/Glenview, Ill./PRNewswire -- According to a recent survey, 96% of Americans are cheese eaters, and most of them would rather be stripped of connectivity than having this favorite food staple removed from their diet. So, to celebrate this unprecedented love of cheese, Kraft is hitting the streets with the Fresh Take Fresh Possibilities Tour. A journey of four food trucks and more than 600 stops, the tour has one mission: bringing mealtime inspiration and Kraft Fresh Take, a flavorful blend of natural cheeses, spices and breadcrumbs, to the people.

"For many at-home chefs, great tasting food means lengthy prep time, an overwhelming cleanup and sometimes a dish that just doesn't leave anyone asking for seconds," said Jennifer Manning, Kraft Kitchens. "To help minimize kitchen frustrations, Kraft created Fresh Take, which requires minimal prep time and virtually no cleanup, making it easier than ever to create delicious entrees, appetizers and sides."

To help kick-off the Fresh Possibilities Tour, better inform the tour and help address real-life kitchen frustrations, Kraft Fresh Take asked Americans a series of questions ranging from cheese to technology:

  • Cheese Reigns Supreme: 57% would go to some length to keep cheese in their diet, including ditching cellphones for a week (36%) and not watching TV for a month (23%)
  • Eat, Drink and Post: Americans are snapping photos or sharing on social networks like Facebook (51%), Twitter (21%), Instagram (17%), Pinterest (13%) and foursquare (9%) while eating
  • Cooking up a Storm: More than four in five (82%) Americans are personally preparing meals at-home at least half of the time, if not always. And, of those at-home cooks, 83%are likely to get frustrated when cooking; most name time (51%) and cleanup (58%) as things they would find frustrating
  • A Case of the Mondays: Almost two in five (39%) respondents say they most dread making meals at home on Monday, and another 39% feel the same way about Friday
  • Hometown Proud: Americans are loud and proud when associating food with their community -- 63% of Midwesterners associate burgers with their region; 53% of Westerners feel this way about tacos; Southerners believe that seafood (36%) is their most representative local dish while Northeasterners identify pasta as their area's dish of choice (40%)