January 8/Wayzata, Minn./PRNewswire -- A new survey from the Truvia brand reveals the eating habits of American, British and French consumers.

Survey results show that 77% of U.S. consumers tout their generally healthy eating habits, while 55% experience small setbacks, such as snacking on junk food or treating themselves to an indulgent meal.  Americans list the following as things that keep them from maintaining a healthy diet:

  • Lack of motivation (37%)
  • A busy schedule (33%)
  • Stress (30%)
  • Lack of money (29%)

"Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is not always easy. It is about making smart choices," says Tammy and Lyssie Lakatos from The Nutrition Twins." Together the twins serve as ambassadors for the Truvia brand. "With the right motivation, you can build a fun, active lifestyle for yourself by balancing smart, simple, great-tasting food choices with lots of exercise and activity," Tammy added.

Trading Treats for Riches: Key Motivations to Maintaining a Healthy Diet
Americans point to a few top motivations that have helped them build their own healthy lifestyles. These include:

  • Health-related reasons (69%)
  • Setting a good example for their families (24%)
  • Looking great at an important event (23%)

Though many can be convinced to make healthier lifestyle choices, nearly 3 in 10 Americans (28%) say they still would not give up their favorite food indulgence under any circumstance. Those that refuse to budge on their favorites will not give up:

  • Sweets (42%)
  • Savory foods (40%)
  • Coffee or tea (36%)

That said, the majority (72%) can be convinced to give up their favorite indulgence, but only for a high payoff:

  • 54% to be rich
  • 34% to be skinny
  • 32% to be loved

Global Findings: Americans and Brits Eat Their Rewards, While French Steal Fries
Of the American, French, and British populations, French consumers tend to exhibit the healthiest, most well-rounded eating habits, with 30% categorizing themselves as healthy eaters compared to only 21% of both British and American consumers. Some other key differences among the countries include:

  • 45% of French consumers refuse to part with their favorite indulgences, compared to only 28% of Americans and 33% of Brits.
  • 74% of Americans and 72% of British consumers will reward themselves for eating healthy, and will most often do so with food or drink. On the other hand, over one-third (34%) of the French do not reward themselves for healthy eating at all.
  • Only 9% of the French admit they snack on junk food throughout the day, compared to 19% of American and British consumers.

The French have a weakness for french fries: 52% admitted they would steal them off your plate when out to dinner.