milkshakeBrad Barry Company, Chino, Calif., used the 2014 Fancy Food Show in San Francisco to debut a Caffe D’Vita Milkshake line. “This line was inspired by diners and malt shops from around the U.S.,” says David Schwartz, marketing director for Caffe D’Vita. “They are reminiscent of summer and youth, and evocative of a time gone by!” Four varieties include Chocolate (featuring Hershey’s), Cookies & Cream, Vanilla and Strawberry. “We premiered our new Milkshake line at the Fancy Food Show to rave reviews,” adds Alan Dossey, national sales manager. “These milkshakes are a new spin on a traditional drink and flavor. This new line caters to the growing market that is looking for a recognized beverage and flavor in an expanding powder industry of ‘me-too’ flavors. People like it when a drink lives up to their expectation, and these thick, rich milkshakes do! They are coffee-free, making them great for children and any time of the day,” he adds.