formula O2 Beverage in body

March 25/Chicago -- Detox + Hydration + Energy is the promise of Formula O2 natural recovery drink. The new oxygenated beverage has hit the market in 16oz. cans.

Formula O2 is a clean and simple recovery drink which claims to be infused with 10 times more oxygen than tap water to help eliminate toxins, 2.5 times more electrolytes than leading sports drinks and 140mg of natural caffeine. It contains nothing artificial and is available in Orange Mango and Grapefruit Ginger flavors.

The recovery drink was developed to help people return to a natural state of health, mind and strength with ingredients that provide "only what you need and nothing you don't."

"We were weary of all the energy and sports drinks that claimed to help people but had ingredients that were questionable," said Dr. Dan Kim, vice president of research and design for formula O2. "So we decided to create something totally different. formula O2 helps you feel your best and quenches thirst with something light and refreshing."